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Weird fault.

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  • Weird fault.

    Has anyone had any issues with the windows on your vectra opening themselves!!!! Twice this has happened in the last few days. The first time they were all open about an inch and then yesterday they were all half way open. Bit worrying when the car is all locked up and that is happening.

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    Had it happen once on mine, I went out to the car in the morning after it was parked up overnight and every window had dropped an inch. No other issues, they closed ok and has not happened since. I blame a gremlin.

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      Its most likely because your car keys are accidently pressing on something which holds the door opening button down... which then automatically drops all your windows.

      It usually happens if you car keys are in your pocket and the pressure of other keys on the button transmits the 'open windows' signal to the car. If its in range, all your windows will drop.

      Best keep your car keys where they cant be accidentaly pressed


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        Thanks for that. Hopefully it is something that simple.


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          Have vx stopped the windows going down with the key trick, mines a 09 plate the windows will go up with the lock button (if there open) but wont drop with any of the key buttons. Do you have to activate this feature or did vx remove it ?


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            Had this happen several times,the battery was on its way out.Only needs a small voltage drop and the electrics start playing up.Fitted new battery hasnt happened since.
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