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Bike Rack?

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  • Bike Rack?

    Anybody got any recommendations?

    Looking for an attachment for the back, rather than the roof. Am doing the London to Brighton in a couple of weeks, and trying to figure out the best way of getting back. Will only be for 2 bikes?


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    Take the wheels off and put them in the boot.


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      Bike racks can wreak all sorts of havock on your paint and in bad cases dent your tailgate if your not carefull. There all good for mondeo man in his couldnt care less company car, but im guessing you love your vxr and take care of it acordingly. In which case take the wheels off and put them in the back unless your going to make a habit of ferrying bikes about, in which case, the best solution is a removable towball and a towbar mounted rack.


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        I agree with Grimy. On the boot you will end up with damage of some sort. I've got Thule bike carriers on VX roof bars & it works really well for me.


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          I also agree with Grimy, ive got the vectra estate so i had the removable towbar fitted and bought the Thule G6 bike rack which carries 3 bikes and can be addapted to carry 4, i carry 3 bikes on a regular basis, you dont know that the bikes are on the best part is that the bikes or carrier dont touch the car in any way!! But if its a 1 off to carry the bikes this would work out veru costly!!