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Boost gauge stopped working...

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  • Boost gauge stopped working...

    The other day driving along and I noticed my boost gauge had stopped working. Strange as the dial and backlight was still on. So the electrics were ok, just not reading the 'boost' & 'vacuum'

    So got home and took a look around the back of the engine to find the 'T' piece (connector) had broken off. In fact it looked mangled, like it had been twisted back and forth and broken off.

    Courtenay Sport did this job when they rerouted my boost feed, so I never saw the original 'T' piece connector or condition of it.

    Would this have caused my car to have less boost, if it was leaking.

    The reason I say that is because I fixed it with a new 'T' piece connector and today it felt more powerful. Noticeably more power.

    ??? Anyone got any idea's if I had been losing boost because of this little £1.50 connector??

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    Any vacuum leak is going to cause some problems.


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      Originally posted by In a state View Post
      Any vacuum leak is going to cause some problems.
      Yeah, what sort of problems though any ideas?

      Car feels on max boost now though, dont think its felt like this since the day I collected it

      Strange how I never noticed the power dropping off though.


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        Only just recently fixed another little issue with the water radiator as well. The hosepipe connectors were'nt tight enough and leaked water on my turbo.

        I noticed when there was a cloud of steam bellowing out my bonnet vents. lol

        Fixed it now just by tightening up the clamps

        Also, got a tin sounding rattle coming from my exhaust when I go over bumps, so going into an exhaust centre this afternoon to find out whats causing it. It started when I collected it from Courtenays but it went away for a bit, but now its back...

        Wonder whats coming next
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          By the way I'm not having a dig, just stating the facts and Courtenays is such a long way from where I live I need to fix these niggles locally


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            I'll be going to TMS for my re-map then
            Had 3 x Vectra VXR's, now 335d M Sport Xdrive and LCI E60 550i


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              Originally posted by Richie Russ View Post
              I'll be going to TMS for my re-map then

              Well just got back from MIJ Exhausts (who fitted the decat pipe) and upon further investigation it appears they made the holding bracket too wide. So when Courtenay Sport did the 3" downpipe conversion it threw it slightly out of alignment and was bumping against the heat guard.

              No trouble though as they cut off the bracket and welded a new one on, which was narrower and now it doesnt rattle

              So at least my niggles are small ones, rather than big ones... like my car blowing up, or not working for weeks on end as I've heard with 'other' popular tuners

              I just wish Courtenay Sport wasn't so far away from where I live
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                I would use them too if they weren't so far away, glad your car is sorted, get mine next week, again!
                Had 3 x Vectra VXR's, now 335d M Sport Xdrive and LCI E60 550i