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  • What a car!

    Hi all, i'm currently an omega owner, i just drove the VXR on saturday, what can i say, i have fell in love with it definately the best car i have driven to date. It is now my goal to get on ein the next 8 months. I would like to ask you though, how did you find owneing one? Does it stay as solid as it is when new? Is the engine direct or indirect injection? What are the running costs like? Is the engine belt or chain driven? These are my questions you lucky owners!

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    Well I have only completed 4k but Andyuk911 has completed allot more. I don't think the engine is direct, sure VXL will correct if this wrong.

    I get about 36mpg at a steady 70mph but on avergae its 27mpg. Engine is chain drive, via 3 chains.

    Oh welcome to the site


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      I've completed 17k in the VXR, and its still as solid as the day i took it home. Had no problems with it at all. Went from 350z to this, and to be honest, the VXR is a much better car to driva and own.
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        Thanks a lot for the replies guys. Being an engineer i want to know every technical detail of this car but it doesn't seem much detail available, things like whole engine pictures sections etc. I might have to be patient as it is a new engine platform and a new car. I'm very nervous with the 20k oilchanges though if i get one it will probably get the traditional 3k treatment from me.