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A few Vectra VXR questions...

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  • A few Vectra VXR questions...

    Just got myself a Vectra VXR as a loan car

    Couple of questions...

    1.) What does the Sport Button do? It doesn't seem to make much difference :?
    2.) Is there anyway to activate the rear wiper without spraying?

    It seems to drink the fuel.. good job I've got a company fuel card! lol

    Other than that, it's a cracking car, lovely noise, but could do with a nice Sports Exhaust to make it growl properly.

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    1) It opens the gates of hell
    2) Drain the water


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      Cheers BO55

      Anyone else? :wink:


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        1) Stiffens suspension (find a bumpy road and hit the buttton), makes throttle more agressive, tightens steering.
        2) it has two position. first turns it on, second(push further away) sprays
        3) Can be heavy on fuel.

        Hope that helps.


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          The sport button does make a difference, although it's not really that noticeable if you put it on whilst say tootling in trafiic (just makes pulling away steadily a bit of an issue). I find if you are on the open road, it makes a noticeable difference. Does make the suspension find all the drain covers, pot holes etc

          As for the fuel, lets talk about something else ! ( I have a 3.5 tonne van which is better on fuel loaded), don't suppose it's much worse than other performance cars though



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            I've got it for about 10-12 weeks I think whilst my VX220 is at the Vaux Tech Centre in Luton.

            I'll give the Sport button another try, see if I can tell the difference.

            It has only done 4800miles, so probably barely starting to loosen up.


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              And of course the rear wip will work if you put into reverse and the front wiper is on. Neat.


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                Re: A few Vectra VXR questions...

                Originally posted by CocoPops
                Just got myself a Vectra VXR as a loan car

                2.) Is there anyway to activate the rear wiper without spraying?

                Seem to remember in my 3.2GSi that you pull the stalk one way to wash / wipe and mometalrily push it the opposite direction to turn on the intermittent wipe and do the same thing again to turn it off - you know one click on another click off etc. I seem to think you'll hear an 'electronic clicking' noise when you do this though my memory isn't what it was :?


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                  Hi there Coco,

                  It's me from

                  Looking at a Vextra VXR as a family runaround. How are you finding it handling/power through the front wheels wise.



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                    put it this way... I woudn't want to drive it without the TC and have to replace the tyres myself............