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Blimey these things are fast with a stage 2

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  • Blimey these things are fast with a stage 2

    Just finishing off the development for the Milltek/VXR exhaust system and the stage 1 and 2 remaps.......really really am impressed with this car now.

    In a remapped state they really are quite silly (still unsure on the handling though). Final dyno runs this week and we should release it soon.

    Milltek noise is quite subtle so don't expect a Max Power type bark but it does sound a lot more purposeful in a classy sort of way. Really want to find a way to get this engine into one of the VX220 race cars now

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    Sounding good cant wait to get mine done next month



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      Having mine done next month, Thorney, do you have a test car available, i'd like to see it in action, be intereseted to see and feel the spring and exhaust setup as well,




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        Re: Blimey these things are fast with a stage 2

        Originally posted by Thorney
        Really want to find a way to get this engine into one of the VX220 race cars now
        You don't wanna do that john... based on my fuel usage over the last week, the VX tank simply isn't large enough to last more than a few miles! lol


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          John, whats the story with the Milltek exhaust for the Vectra VXR, I understand it is only available as a cat back system.

          The reason I ask, as you know my dealer kitted out there demo Astra VXR with a system from your goodself and are thrilled with it, and they have a Vectra VXR demo arriving shortly which they are looking to equip with Milltek.

          But I can't see where any performance gain can be acheived from just a cat back system, of course if this is correct.

          Any feedback?
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            Yeah, the way the engne is sat in the bay to do race cats means an engine out job and that kinda kills the idea for most. However we've done some testing on the car with the Milltek and the gains are actually very very good (certainly the best I've seen) circa 10bhp just with a catback. I was a bit dismissive at the time but the next day we had a new BMW 335 in and we dyno'd it before and after with a full Milltek and it gained 22bhp just with the exhaust - thats unbelieveable so maybe some of these modern 6 cylinder turbos are quite the engine to put decent exhausts onto.


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              Race cats, don't you mean pre-cat. The main cat can easily be replace and should have been done as part of the system (considering the cost) as it does not sit in the engine bay at all. Replacing a standard unit for a 100 cell cats makes some very good improvements, even on the standard system and espeically when adding to a re-map. Considering the way the the precat is located in a difficult position it can be removed with the gearbox taken off, of course ensuring that nothing else has to be dropped.

              To clarify the 10bhp gains, do you have some maps pre and post cats so I can see where the gains are made, as it may be a consideration now. How much does the system give when added to a re-map of 300ps as by rights you are saying it should give over the 300 now.


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                We've dynoed them at all stage but not scanned them in (list of about 10 charts I need to get up, just lack the time to do it at the moment - sorry).

                Working at BMW show this week end and out of office today so will try to get them all up next week.

                I cant release the full specifications of the exhaust until all the parties are happy (us, Milltek and Vxl) but I cant see why we cant release them now the dyno work has been done.