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Its on its way....

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  • Its on its way....

    Woo hoo...spoke to my dealers this evening the car is on its way...its left Zeebrugge and its due at Immingham tomorrow.

    So all being well I should get to see it late next week....

    Anyone else ordered one?

    Is mine the first 280? perhaps Stu could let us know?

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    Well I though it was......boohoo.....


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      Unlucky, they decided to swap out the CD40 for the CD70, spray it blue, and send it to me instead


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        So have you a date then?


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          Come on let us know i'm so considering swapping astra for Vectra but a meriva might well be on the card for the boss.


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            Let you know what?

            I'm still waiting for it to arrive....


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              Originally posted by alex_c
              Come on let us know i'm so considering swapping astra for Vectra but a marive might well be on the card for the boss.

              If you came to Ipswich you could try both!!!!


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                Sampled the Meriva with you at the controls and thats good enough for me.

                When's the Vec coming back would be nice to have a go with a full on one.


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                  Originally posted by Moschops
                  Well I though it was......boohoo.....
                  Have you been sitting at the port waiting? Anyway it will still take 1 week to arrive from the port and will have covered 300 miles before arriving at the dealer. Just don't follow it around the country on the transporter.


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           not quite sitting at the port... :?

                    My man is on the case, its either at Zeebrugge, ooohh spent several occasions here waiting for the ferry to come home.

                    Or its at Opel having the bumpers and the like fitted.

                    So I'm sat at home (at present) quitely waiting....

                    Having seen Thorney's pictures of the red one with the Milltek fitted, it looks the dogs danglies and it appears Red is on the comeback...


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                      Dont like the wheel barrow handles of that one.

                      So your contact is he getting you your chassis number as well.


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                        No, no date, just winding you up. Still showing as "December", which could mean anything. Could mean January.



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                          i've spoken to the big fella and he said he would sort it for you.

                          Now make sure you go to bed early and sleep tight and see what happens in the morning.


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                            Alex, your too kind... :wink:

                            If its that late I might as wait until Jan 6th and have it as a birthday present... Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to get the drift..

                            DV, thats only a few days away....


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                              Well i do try and make ppl's day's.

                              If you get it in Jan it will be a 07 56 plate worth about £3.50 when selling.