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Vectra VXR Uprated Handling

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  • Vectra VXR Uprated Handling

    The moment I drove the Vectra I've been bowled away by the engine and less than bowled away by the handling, it always felt a little 'floaty' at high speed and quite uncommuncative on the limit, I've always assumed that it was just me seeing as the regular cars I drive are a little more focussed (ie bloody track spec) and the Vectra is hardly aimed at racing but a few owners have commented to us that they felt a little underwhelmed at the handling.

    To that end we had a little play with the handling on the Vectra with some fairly nice results. I don't think the market is big enough (or requires) a full all singing all dancing adjustable coilover set up (its not that kind of car) so we concentrated on an uprated spring kit for the car to see how it would compare.

    KW have been very supportive of the VXR tuning program so we turned to them to see what they'd done on the Opel cars and to see how the kits they offer adapt for the VXR Vectra and the short answer is very well. We went for a simply lowering kit, messed with the spring rates a little (and a bit of mix n match from another supplier) and after testing concluded that a very large gain in handling can be had for very little money.

    We've not gone for some daft lowered kit, just tried to get an upgrade in the handling so the drop is only 20mm but its enough to give a nice meaningful stance on the car without looking too bling.

    Hanlding is much improved, we only tested the set up on the road (no real need for track testing) but on our usual Milton Keynes circuit (lots of roaundabouts, smooth A roads and some bumpy B roads) it really was a much improved car. Ride is a little firmer but certainly not a big change from stock.

    Cost wise they're only £130 plus fitting so a recommended upgrade for those with the Vectra who want some more sporting handling.

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    That looks the muts nuts, I'm so glad I chose red now... :wink:


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      So after seeing another STD one and lookin @ how low it sits how does yours cope with the Traffic calming humps.

      Have heard of STD ones catching the Cat over them.

      Does look ideal for the track though.


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        Can this system be fitted to cars with IDS 2?

        edit: happy now


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          We all have IDS2....


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            Yes, IDS2 is fine and as they're only 20mm lower we've not seen any issues on speedbumps (and we have loads of those round here).


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              No issues from VXRPC kit either, Our kit recently tested at Nardo in Italy,
              Totally stable at 170mph,

              But there is no speed bumps there, we havnt seen any issues regarding clearance either, although incorrect spring rate and frequency match with Ids dampers can cause premature Failure of the solenoid valve on the damper

              Thats why we have Tested to extremes to get the best spring rate and frequency.


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                And what price is the VXRPC kit?


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                  £130 plus fitting seems pretty good. how much is fitting then. Still waiting for a price for the VXRPC kit aswell. Im having the remap and handling upgrade in the new year but im still undcied whether to go TMS or VXRPC
                  Any suggestions anybody?


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                    Originally posted by chrishodson
                    Any suggestions anybody?
                    As far as I know no customers have had either tuners kit fitted to their cars, but if anyone has some comments would be great.

                    Best thing to do is go along and take out the tuner's demo cars, maybe someone already has and can post their thoughts?


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                      There has been some customers gone to the VXRPC,( Remap) and I have driven their car, which I have to say was very good.


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                        Yeah I had the VXRPC remap on my own car, but didn't go out in their vectra demo, actually had an email today saying the spring and damper kit was still being tested but if someone has driven the demo recently feedback would still be interesting.


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                          Like i said on a previous forum (VXR Vectra TMS tuning options now released) I would recomend TMS. The car pictured above is my own car and they have done a fantastic job.


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                            After Experiencing the VXRPC work on my Vectra, I would go to VXRPC.
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