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Upgrading the stereo?

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  • Upgrading the stereo?

    If you're starting with a CD70, what would be the best way of getting some more power into the sound system?

    I'm not talking ridiculous subwoofers and huge amps, just something that will give me 50-75W RMS per channel whilst still being integrated with the existing controls.

    Has anyone done anything like this?

    I'm puzzled that the standard CD70 doesn't have a more powerful amp, as to build this in at the factory must cost peanuts.


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    CDC 40 DAB (Standard fit) is 35W and it sounds way better than the CDC70.

    Are you looking to ditch your Sat Nav?


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      Nope - haven't even got the car yet. But I don't see why I have to choose between Satnav OR a radio that sounds ok. I want both !



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        I was disappointed with the sound from the CD70, and have opted for the standard version as it sounds a lot better plus has DAB, graphic equaliser and a multichanger to boot.

        Plus you can alway's buy a Tom Tom or something of that ilk on the money you've saved by not fitting the factory Sat Nav, plus I've read on a previous post (quite an old one) tha the sat nav doesn't recognise certain post codes......


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          Does you CDC40 not have a front loading 6 disc feature as it does on other modles.

          CDC40 on the Astra and Zafira VXR's does not have the option for the DAB due to the spoiler would hit the aerial. does this happen on the Estate Vec VXR?


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            I have the cdc70 but spent about 1600 on a JL Audio cleansweep, JL Audio 500 watt amp and JL Audio VR front speakers and tweaters, now I just plug in a 30gb Sony mp3 player and use that. The amp also powers the rear speakers which I left as standard and 2* 10 inch sub box which I've had kicking around for years.


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              ..No problems with the aerial on the estate...