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my VXR xmas wish list

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  • my VXR xmas wish list

    I was thinking of some minor changes I would like to see

    1. Rear vxr sill covers like fronts

    2. Carbon trim rear doors like fronts

    3. Illuminated VXR on Rev counter

    4. Mirror mounted indicators

    5. VXR on all interior mats

    6. Audi S8 style LED daytime running lights mounted above front fogs.

    7. Passenger seat airbag disable.

    Any other ideas that VX haven't offered?

  • #2
    Folding mirrors.
    Heated rear seats
    Wing spoiler for the rear (as per Edition 100 SRI Vectra's)
    Electric rear sun blinds

    Better blue tooth mounting point in the centre arm rest instead of that dogs dinner of an effort currently available.


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      You forgot 4wd, even more power and smaller weight saving leather seats and thinner steering wheel.

      Electrochromatic rear view mirror, colour display and mp3 compatabilty as standard with DAB.

      A spare wheel and a jack would be nice also. Boost gauage...Head up speedo....


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        A bigger fuel tank


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          - 2nd vote for the Electrochromatic Mirror.
          - Gas assisted bonnet struts.
          - A Satnav AND DAB Radio with at least 50W RMS/channel and good speakers.
          - Four Wheel Drive
          - More detailed instrument dials (see a Volvo S60R for how to do it)
          - More thought given to dash design & ergonomics

          Don't touch the engine.
          Leave it alone.
          Well alone.



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            My Crimbo list is some thing like this.

            Red/Black Vectra VXR 280.
            Full Leather,
            Folding Mirrors,
            Sight & Light pack,
            340 re map,
            Electrochromatic rear view mirror,
            Heated rear seats,
            4x4 drive train,
            Smoked Glass,
            DAB Stereo with colour screen,
            CD multi changer,
            Sub with amp and uprated speakers,
            350w RMS.

            Think that will do for a start but i know i aint going to happen so i'll have to plump for a Cooler and a sat nav in the Astra.