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My 1st taste of the vxr

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  • My 1st taste of the vxr

    Had the pleasure of driving a 2.8 v6turbo vectra today-basically an unbadged vxr on my police driving course.

    I was suitably impressed with the car, especially the torque and the midrange grunt . The car certainly torque steered on the country lanes.
    The car is clearly a potent piece of kit, and i am thoroughly jealous at all the owners on here.. i'll get saving ;-)

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    Welcome to the site, wait till you try the 300 and 340 versions, tee hee now thats what I call fun!!, or one with a better gearbox ratio. Also did the car come with the VXR seats and wheels and body kit?


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      hiya, the car was completely basic inside, cost saving.. the seats seemed standard the rear doors had winders, the shockers and engine are vxr markings are present. there is a body kit on them though.

      the speedo is different as it has been calibrated.. the increments are 2mp as opposed to 5..also has grille lights etc. badging on the rear is silver writing- v6 turbo

      very impressed though..


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        Thank you I think that settles an ongoing discussion hay PD


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          I still reckon it's a 230ps :wink:


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            I also have my doubts... Police Driving Courses son't tend to use top end models, well in fact they don't. The few top ends that exist are normally reserved for specialist units.

            Rear doors has winders? No VXR will have rear winders... no VXR markings anywhere, the job would not remove the gearstick, steering wheel badge etc etc, that would be more work and effort for nothing...


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              I know that Volvo produced "Police spec" models, which had reinforced rear suspension, standard T5 engines, but several "luxuries" de-specced (seats, stereo, etc.). It is possible that VX have done something similar, but would be fascinating to know for real.



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                Your missing the point here, it can have VXR mechanics, does not have to have the bling stuff to run the VXR engine, after all its only a re-map from 230-255 (if old version).I will refer you back to the Omega and Carlton days gone past. The 3.0 units where generally de-spec'ed vehicles, engine and mechanics with low spec interior, whees etc (actually most came with steels!). You only have to go around the second hand market to find these cars. I'll ask for the spec on the Vectra's fro Vauxhall.


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                  As above. Only the Police could get manual gearbox 3.0 Senators, Joe Public had to have an auto.

                  Vauxhall build the cars to whatever spec is requested, as do other manufacturers. Its worth their while for a 2,3 maybe 5 year deal etc
                  Nova 1.6 16v TB's DTA 1/4mile 14.8s


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                    So here is the offical line - direct from Stuart.

                    Police have a mixture of 2.8V6's. Some are VXR's some are the normal "Elite" engine.

                    Hendon are likely be getting VXR's for training, and the old 230 versions are likely to be or have been upgraded to 255.

                    Outside of the VXR's most of the police vehicle's have Suspension and wheel packages (CHANGES).

                    Also the Police are also running the Zafira VXR.

                    The estate is very popular as the Police hanker back to the days of the Omega and its load carrying ways, but is faster in the Vectra.

                    So everyone has valid point in this discussion, some right some wrong.
                    I stand correct on the 230 version being a 255, but perhaps I have forsight knowing it will be 255


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                      The 2.8 turbos we have in G.M.P are for advanced police drivers only / tactical vehicle squad . advanced police drivers are trained to a higher level than the civilian version.
                      the course is 3 week standard then a further 5 weeks advanced training etc.

                      the vectra i drove was a 56 plate. The speedo on police vehicles are different because they need to be calibrated by ics. The increments go up in 2mph intervals.

                      The police will nearly always order base spec on seats dash equipment etc as a cost cutting exercise.
                      the car i drove had suspension tweaks and obviously the engine. i looked under the bonnet and observed the turbo and v6 lump.

                      there where no VXR markings whatsoever on the vehicle.
                      The car felt like is was producing more than 230bhp.

                      my daily drive is a renault clio williams @ 180/190bhp. ..(px's welcome :wink: ) and have had the pleasure of driving many powerful cars.

                      I would have to say that the vectra felt much more agressive than the sti wrx i took out for evaluation purposes.

                      ive been told on good authority the car i was driving was circa 260ps

                      any queries on the car welcome i'll try have a look.


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                        In fairness it will be impossible to tell them apart by looking under da bonnet . But one question which will help also, was it manual or auto?

                        Well if you hang around long enough at Hendon you can get the 280 version.


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                          Mark he wont be going near hendon , he is GMP - and only about a 1/8th of Police Drivers in the Met go to Hendon, there are about 12 sites that train up drivers, all exactly the same! There is a world outside the dreaded dreary Hendon you know!


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                            The gearbox was 6 speed manual.

                            The met designed most of the driving policies that were inherited by GMP lol.

                            i have looked under the bonnet and there clearly is a turbo and a v6 lump. the engine covers do not say vxr they are black with eco tec writing on.

                            anyway was a pleasure to drive, thought i would share my views and congratulate you on your car!

                            like i said px's welcome, gifts.xmas presents,


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                              I think we all appreciate your thoughts and comments, they are very welcome and informative. Sorry I really mean tthere is no way of telling the 255(280) from the 230 version its just mapping. But what has served as a real help is that the gearbox bit, even if it had not had the extra VXR power (which soundsl Lite it did) the 2.8 outside of the VXR in the Vectra only comes in automatic. It just proves as you rightly said the Police can and do change spec from the public versions, even if there are those who keep insisting they DON'T. Thanks.