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Spare wheel...or rather the lack of...

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  • Spare wheel...or rather the lack of...

    Could anyone point me in the right direction for a competively priced wheel (to match the others!)?

    I know I can get one from Vauxhall, but they do seem a tad costly....maybe they are sole suppliers?

    I was wondering if any of the sites associated with this one could supply single wheels...or does anyone have one hangin' around that they don't need??!

    It didn't seem a problem when I got the car; just to have an inflation kit. However the more I drive it the more it concerns me.....after having my fair share of punctures over the last 25yrs I'd feel a bit daft standing by the roadside waiting for assistance.

    Compliments of season.....

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    i dont know if theyre still available but in the trade section at the bottom of the forum there were a couple of single wheels up for grabs


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      A seller on Ebay is flogging them (brand new, but I'm not sure if its boxed or so) for £244.00 plus £5 P&P or a set of 4 for £974.99 plus £10 P&P.

      Anyone one for a group buy on a set of 4?

      I would be interested in getting a "spare" :wink:


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        Thanks for the quick replies.

        Unfortunately nothing in the 'trade' section.

        As I'm on last years (06) model 18"'d rule out a group purchase for me.

        Interestingly, Vauxhall's price for a rim was £260 (inc) but I'd get 10% off that so it'd come in ~£235.

        Maybe I'm just out of touch with the price of these things!


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          Ah pants, your on 18's, I'm running 19's...ah well.... :?


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            Another way...have you thought about a space saver from an SRI?


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              That'll only fit on the rear due to the front discs but better than nothing I guess....remember you'll also need a jack!


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                There where some 18's on Ebay with the same shape as the 19's not sure if they will fit in de ole but may be worth a look.

                I think they where £650 for 4 with tyres and you only need a cheap o tyre to get you home.

                Worth a look


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                  Get friendly with your local parts dept. I got my 18" wheel for £160 + Vat

                  The jack is £30ish, the brace is £6ish and the polystyrene carrier is £6ish at retail, obviously less as per above.

                  The Astra fits an 18 in the wheel well with Conti tyre so I would imagine the Vectra could take the same size wheel?
                  Nova 1.6 16v TB's DTA 1/4mile 14.8s


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                    Thanks for everyones help and tips....a few more avenues to explore now.