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Astra to Vectra VXR ...

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  • Astra to Vectra VXR ...

    Well traded the Astra VXR in on a Vectra, family on the way so a bigger car is called for . first impressions of the vectra are great, though it has to be said it isn`t half as exciting as the Astra to drive. Not as quick and handling is a lot heavier. A very nice drive and handles the miles a lot better as well ... Anyhoo a couple of pix of the vec.

    The front bumper is annoying as it is a different shade so going to VX to see if I can get it sorted under waranty ...

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    nice one mate

    shame to see the astra go


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        Originally posted by In a state
        Not yet


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          This "VXR by the sea" thing is starting to take off, looks fab. Your photos have turned out miles better than mine did: I'll have to try again.

          The power delivery might not be as immediate as the Astra, but just hold it gear until 5500rpm, it's more progressive, it just keeps pushing all the way round. Then check the speedo...

          As to the handling, it takes some getting used to. It feels a bit floaty and disconnected at first, but give it some stick, cross your fingers, and it does bite and respond without washing out, although this is a leap of faith the first time you try it!



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            Change the tyres for a better feel to the handling both on and off sport mode. Toyo's work really well.

            No the vectra is not as quick as the std Astra up till about 80 but after that the vectra is allot better, not breathles and feels so much stronger. Its engine is far smoother. dvinell is right about the IDS just takes time and we as humans have to adjust ourselves.

            Grip is as good as the Astra but I really feel that if the Vectra was to break away it will give very little notice, probably difficult to catch where as the Astra feeds back to you whats going on.

            But that said the Vectra is better to live with.

            If you get booming below 2000rpm, try adjusting the length of the tail trims. Make sure the nearside one is not under the bumper.

            ALso stick some of the green insulating stuff for laminate floors under the boot carpet (from B&Q)and under the black moulding which holds the tyre pump . I work with some sound experts in BT who more or less pointed me in the direction of how to sort out the boom. Its about sound wave lengths and the frequency of the exhaust in relation to the frequency of the boot.

            Worth a go though.


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              Excellent advice Sparky, are the tail trims adjustable then, they do look to stick out slightly, I will also try the sound proofing in the boot as there s a low rumble .....


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                I see you went for the right colour this time bainie!

                nice motor!


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                  I cannot see the pics, is it star silver....

                  my zaf vxr has the same issue with the front bumber been alot darker then the rest of the body...

                  did you get it sorted under warranty.



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                    Oops, tidied my photo bucket up, pix below ...

                    I am at present in egotiations with VX over the front bumper, the engineer has admitted it is a poor match and is checking the production history of the car at the moment , the bumper is a good bit darker ...


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                      My Bus is exactly the same, I used to have a 99 t Astra sri in star silver, this had the same issue so they have still not got it right....

                      The dealer tried to put it right, but its was no better to be honest.....

                      still worth a try.


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                        Did they respray your bumper ? if so was it just the same afterwards, maybe not worth getting done, as mine is immaculate anyway ??


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                          I had the AStra SRI done in 1999, the paint match was a little better but not by much.

                          I cannot believe that VX are still have this issue, 7 years later....

                          obviously enough people have not complained about it.

                          My bus i.e Zaf Vxr has the same issue on the front bumper....

                          I may try and go down the respray route but its alot of agro getting the VX Engineer out etc.


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                            Hi Bainie,

                            Its Wayne from 27A....
                            Took a bit of advice and get the stage 1 on feb 27th.
                            Loving the astra!!!


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                              Vauxhall admit that the bumper paint is an attribute to the facelift Vectra & Signum painted in star silver & black saphire but not a fault.

                              Make of that response what you will.