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On the brink!

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  • On the brink!

    Hi All

    I am on the verge of placing an order for a new Vectra VXR. I have been debating for about 6 months now and have decided that it is worth it, despite the poor residuals and potential, <25 mpg.

    Unfortunately, today I was surfing the net and came across Jeremy Clarkson's test drive on TG. He slated it. Please tell me that it is just his anti-Vauxhall propaganda at work again. Is the understeer so bad? I test drove the car yesterday and the engine is awesome. Did not get a chance to really drive it through the bends.

    Am going to make final decision by this Saturday. Help please!

    P.S Star Silver or Red?

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    Hi Star,
    I've seen the Veccie VXR in action and I'll tell you from what I saw the handling is fine, as long as you know how to drive which Clarkson doesn't. It is the usual VX hatemail from him. Just pm Sparky and he can give you the full low down as he's got one and it was him I was trying to follow in my Astra VXR.


    Ps. Starsilver for the Veccie is my preferred.


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      The TG test was a p&ss take, not any attempt at a serious review.

      It's true that if you turn off TC, turn the steering wheel to the stops, and apply full throttle in second gear, then you can demonstrate "catastrophic understeer". However, given a Monaro VXR 500, I'm fairly sure I could demonstrate "catastrophic oversteer" by doing exactly the same thing!

      Point is, the Vectra VXR is a powerful front wheel drive car. If you are heavy footed in the lower gears in the wet, it will eventually wash out, but the limits are very high, and it remains responsive up to those limits. Drive with a bit of throttle control, and it can be devastatingly quick, especially on the faster corners.

      Check out the EVO test for another perspective, and that was testing the 255hp version without the tweaked suspension:



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        Thanks for that. I was certainly very impressed by the car yesterday but I am upgrading from an 04 2.2SRi which is no real comparison.

        I can't understand why guys like JC have such a downer on the Vectra. In that test it was sitting alongside a Mondeo and a Mazda 6 and blew them out the water looks wise. It blows them out the water power wise too.

        Have read evo test and was very encouraged. I just find it annoying that there seems to be a hidden agenda with people like JC and unfortunately people do listen to what he says. He is an influencial journalist.

        My preference is for Starsilver I think. If it was the Astra I would go for red, but I think silver is slighty better in the bigger car.


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          I was torn between Star Silver and Arden Blue.

          In the end, I had to go for the Blue, or the wife would have inflicted mortal injuries - the previous three cars were all Silver.



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            Just do it,you wont be sorry,I've got a 05 Arden blue,19s,had it for 11 months,still love every minute of driving it.


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              I've had mine (280) nearly 3 months now and I'm very pleased with it.

              Each time I've filled the petrol tank, its given me 330 plus miles, averaging 29 mpg.

              Yes I may have not driven hard...yet....but that time will come... :P

              If you want pictures of a red one, look in the User/owners Vectra pictures forum under Red Devil, if you some more PM me as I took some more last week, but have yet to post them up.

              hth... :wink:


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                EVO mag also review the 280 Vectra VXR in the latest issue and they still like the car so don't listen to Mr "I don't like FWD" Clarkson.

                I think I know who's opinion I respect more.........


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                  Did you see the brera this week as well, understeered as bad, and hardly mentioned it. I have had no problems with understeer, I came from an Astra and it doesn`t handle as good as it, but for a big car it is hard to upset it ...


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                    Took the plunge today. The order is in. Red with 19'' alloys. No other extras.

                    Thanks to everybody for your words of advice.

                    Now I just have to wait till Spring for the fun to begin.



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                      Excellent choice, glad you took the plunge and sure you will be more than happy with it when it arrives. .


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                        hi starsail

                        hope you are enjoying this site
                        and hope and know you will love the vxr...

                        lets be honest...both jc and the stig have no idea how to drive n race front wheel drive cars......

                        just have yourself some the rest of us...



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                          Stig's pretty good with RWD, but they should have a "FWD" Stig too, maybe a Touring car driver who really knows how to get the best out of a FWD setup. Taking too much speed into the corner and scrubbing it all off as understeer is not the fastest way.

                          I'll never forget the lap of Brands Hatch I had as a passenger with a professional driver helming a bog-standard Vectra B SRi 2.0 - I never knew a Vectra B could do four-wheel drifts out of corners!



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                            Hi all, this is my first post on this site.

                            I bought my 255 hp Vectra in December 2005 & I have never had a problem with any understeer in all that time driving the car (which now has 22k on the clock).

                            As for the fuel consumption, I can do a full tank in less than 180 miles & then again on a trip to Scotland it will give me up to 460 miles to a tank if I keep her under 80. Which is near enough 1 full tank from A to B.

                            And finally for the colour choice. I went for Star Silver & got it fully loaded & paid a bank busting sum as well.


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                              The wait is nearly over. The car has arrived at my dealer and I pick it up on Saturday. Very excited now. Just a pity about GB's little car tax present (the swine). Anyone else feel that driving performance cars is the new form of anti social behaviour? Anyway not going to let that spoil the big day. Hoping for a glorious spring day to go driving. CD of choice for first drive: Verve- A Storm in Heaven a little tradition of mine.

                              A couple of quick questions: How many miles should I be doing before I open the engine up? Used to be about 1000 miles I think also Does anyone fill up with adnanced fuels such as Shell V Power or is it an extravagance that is hardly worth it?