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    I was wondering if anybody has fitted any aftermarket alloys to there veccy yet. I didnt go fro the 19" option on mine but kept my 19 inch kei velocitys from my 3.2gsi. Only problem is that they are fitted with 225/35/19 tyres and i have just discovered that 235/35/19's wont fit on these rims as they are 7.5 inch. Having already bought 4 brand new 235/35/19 falken fk452 tyres of the net there was only one decent thing to do. Now there arent many 8.5 inch x 19 rims for a vauxhall fitment about at the momment but Matt Neal's boys at Team Dynamics have come up with the goods. 4 19x8.5 equinox alloys in hi power silver on order. Ill post some pics as soon as i get them on which will be about 3 weeks as there making them from scratch.
    ps: are the factory 19's a 8inch rim or 8.5 ?

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    They 're 8".Why oh why didn't you go for a quarter of 245/35/19 tyres?
    Less wheel spin,more comfy,let's the car spread it's power without drama!


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      Here's the science bit. Not all tyre manufacturers produce tyres to the same exact size. The falken 235's that i have are actually 243mm wide, so they are almost a 245 infact. This is why my garage recommended a 8.5 inch rim. Apparently this is common throughout the tyre manufacturers and dependeding on make of tyre a badged 235 can be anything from 225mm to 245mm wide. Wierd I know!! I also discovered that 225/35/19, 235/35/19 and 245/35/19 tyres all have slightly different rolling diameters aswell so they make put the speedo slighty out.
      Anyway there on now and the car has so much more grip thatn before especially in the wet although there seems to be a liitle more tourqe steer than before.
      I post some pics as soon as ive worked out how to.


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        I know what you mean...In the past on a tuned CORSA B GSi i had to change rims and tyres just to be able to keep the car on the road. From
        the original 185/60/14 to 195/55/15 to 195/50/16.To my surprise i found
        (when doing measurements using the gearbox ratio and actual wheel dimensions ) that actual speed was around 97,5 km/h when speedo was
        telling me a 100 km/h with original setup ,spot on with the second one and
        around 105 km/h actual speed when showing 100 km/h.So i was 5km/h
        off(plus) at 100 and 10km/h(~) at 200 km/h.
        Just for arguments sake i did some calculations with the 18" and 19" rims
        with a combination of tyres (supposing tyre manufacturers are accurate).
        If a car with a 225/40/18 wheel is spot on with it's speedo at a 100km/h
        when with 235/40/18 it's actual speed is 101,25km/h,when with 235/35/19
        it's 101,55km/h and when with 245/35/19 it's 102,65km/h (1.6mph more).
        I don't think that is significant and anyway i haven't seen a car test that
        shows an accurate speedo -yet.Usually they're 2-3 km/h ''happy'' at the
        100km/h mark so after tyre change they're spot on!