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Fantastic Fuel Consumption

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  • Fantastic Fuel Consumption

    Ok the car had about 75 miles on it this morning, so I filled it up and did a 192 mile round trip to Exeter. Went back to the same pump, filled it back up with 95 RON and then calculated the fuel consumption.
    Taking into account that is a new engine and it still needs to loosen up, the last thing I was expecting was a consumption figure for the journey of 30.2 MPG.
    I am seriously impressed with that.

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    Did say it was good. You may find that using optimax , although more to buy, may return a better consumption. Of course you did not say how fast you where travelling tee hee


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      Well at times I had to back off as the car was too quick for the road. Also coming back up through the chedder gorge wouldn't have done the consumption any good.
      I have to say I have never really got on with Optimax. We had a Subaru WRX which should have lived on the stuff, but in Wiltshire we don't have that many Shell stations I have tended to stay away from the stuff.


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        I think Vauxhalls work very well on Optimax, but don't seem to like BP much, but perhaps it's fickle me.


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          I will give it a whirl next time a pass our nearest shell station (assuming they have recovered from buncefield).
          Agree with you about the BP stuff, I only had one good experience with that fuel and that was in a Focus C Max. On pistonheads there is also lots of discussion about Tescos 99 RON fuel. That might be worth a try.