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Vectra VXR... What's it really like to live with?

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  • Vectra VXR... What's it really like to live with?


    I am interested to find out what one of these fabulous cars is really like to live with. What is it really like to drive? What is fuel consumption really like in average driving? What about servicing and repair costs? How do the costs of consumables like brake discs and pads, etc. compare to other Vectras?

    I currently own and drive a GSi 3.2 every day, so have quite a lot of Vectra experience behind me already. It is and has been a brilliant car and I would be loath to part with it... apart from to replace it with a VXR.

    Any thoughts?


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    Its a different beast all toghther mate. I never has a GSi myself, my Vec beofre the VXR was a 2.2 SRi, but used to drive the GSi regulary.

    The fuel consumption for me is 25.1 mgp avereage (on the trip computer) However I don't do many motorway miles so I doubt I get the best milage available.

    I have gotten up to 29mgp an a run up the M5 to Evesham from South Wales.

    Repair costs are a little more expensive, but not silly.

    The car is epic to drive, handles well, and pulls like a train. Mines not mapped (yet), but once they are they are simply insane. Typically 300bhp and 400 lb/ft. I belive I've seen a report stating quicker 50-70 times in most gears than a VXR8.

    The noise is lovely and I dont know about your area, but mine is the only one I've ever seen around.


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      I test drove one and loved it! But then other things intervened and I didn't pursue the idea. Now I've had a call from the Network Q guy that sold me the GSi, saying he could sort me out a VXR!

      If he can, I'll be a very happy man! If not, I'll still be a very happy - GSi driving - man!



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        I can speak from a modified Vectra VXR point of view....

        Originally posted by VXRManiac View Post
        I am interested to find out what one of these fabulous cars is really like to live with. What is it really like to drive?
        I can go round the Nurburgring in the dry around 08:57 seconds.. (but I plan to crack 08:30's in it on my own) ...a mate of mine this year did it in 08:59 in a BMW 335i Coupe

        I can do a 1/4 mile drag race in 14.3 seconds and over 100 mph across the line.

        With the AP Racing Brakes it can stop faster than a Lambourghini Mercielargo

        I've topped out at 170 mph on the Autobahn, and raced Porches, Subaru's, BMW's, Audi's and all sorts on the track... it holds a lot of respect.

        If I want to be silly, I can wheelspin in the wet up to 4th gear... but I dont, cos having no steering isnt fun.

        If you buy a black one (which I did) change the wheels and take the badges off, it looks like a taxi... so people leave you alone. A true wolf in sheeps clothing... a lovely 'sleeper'

        With 'sports mode' turned off, it cruises for ever on the motorway, slinks around town with just a strong base line from the exhaust, four doors accomodate all the passengers you need. extremely practical, retaining a comfortable 0-60 mph in just 6 seconds. Passengers will comment on the g-force acceleration when opened up in 3rd gear...

        Cos of Clarkson, everyone thinks they are ****... theives wouldnt be seen dead in one so leave most of us alone... and passengers give you lots of complements when they've been out for a spin...

        Originally posted by VXRManiac View Post
        What is fuel consumption really like in average driving?
        25-27 mpg average

        Originally posted by VXRManiac View Post
        Any thoughts?
        Yeah... buy one !
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          It truely is an awsome car to drive... It pulls like a freight train even without sport mode and can be driven either like Miss Daisy or like you just stole it.

          As stated, you can get mid-20s on the fuel with average driving but it can vary quite a lot depending on your driving style.

          On a downer, I think the brakes could do with a bit more bite because they dont really fill you with confidence when giving it a bit of stick. Don't get me wrong, the will stop you when they need to, but i don't think I would fancy track-daying it until they were upgraded.

          Good solid car.... if you get a decent offer on one, then take it.


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            Other side of the coin,

            I had one for a year and although it was OK, I did keep it a year afterall , it never excited me, it is good at everything, but great at nothing. I had an Astra Vxr before it and there is no comparison between the 2 cars . I had a 2.2sri Vec C before the astra and found it as enjoyable as the Vxr , it just did nothing for me. I would think stepping from a Gsi you won`t find it much "better" , ok map it and it will be quicker in a straight line, but thats it . I had mine mapped and it was deceptively fast, but handling is not great (though mine was the early 255 model, I have driven a 280 and it was the same.) . I am sure spoons will agree when I say that standard they just are not special, but spend some of he cash you save buying one now and it may be ? I also got fed up going to the pumps, not from a cash point of view, just fed up constantly fuelling the damned thing up !

            Would I recommend changing from the Gsi to one, Honestly, Nope ...


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              Originally posted by Bainie View Post
              I am sure spoons will agree when I say that standard they just are not special
              Agreed (especially the 255 model)


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                If they werent so old now... id have a GSi... I was terribly fond of that car, i loved it


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                  Well - I´ve had mine for a year now and it really excites me every day.
                  Love the rapid response even at low revs, the exhaust sound, the recaro seats and more more more...

                  Practical and feels like a smaller car when driven forward, reverse can be hell when parking with a big sort of caravan thingy - love those parking sensors!

                  Been thinking of maybe doing a ppc tuning at BSR but really don´t know if it´s necessary. Changed the wheels to 19" Dotz Mugello with Bridgestone Potenza tires and kept the standard 18" as winter rims. Was interested in a lowering set when buying the wheels but think it´s ok anyhow as standard.

                  After one year I´m still very much in love


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                    I don't bother looking at my MPG, if I did I think I'd cry lol

                    I've had mine mapped and some other little mods, running 305bhp & 420lb/ft so to be honest I just enjoy driving it.

                    Its very practical due to the size, got an Ikea flat pack wardrobe in the back with no issues. Parking it isn't actually as bad as you would think, if you park it a few times and get to know the size of the car then you can put it in really silly tight parking spaces. Ask VXRMarc about the space I parked in at Southend

                    The performance is amazing, I can shame many a good sports car The handling is better than alot of people think aswell, but then I also ave Eibacj lowering springs fitted.

                    Had mine for 18 months now and I still love it to bits but I may be forced to sell as just had a £300 a month pay cut at work


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                      Im with Macca, I never look at the mpg because I would seriously cry....

                      From a womens point of veiw tho as there aint that many of them (well actually none), I pull loads and everyone wants to race me!!! I do love the car but I want an Astra now, could do with a change!!!!

                      I'd say buy one!!!


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                        Dont let Matt hear you say that after he just got his new suspension hahahah


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                          Originally posted by MrsNetstar View Post
                          Im with Macca, I never look at the mpg because I would seriously cry....

                          From a womens point of veiw tho as there aint that many of them (well actually none), I pull loads and everyone wants to race me!!! I do love the car but I want an Astra now, could do with a change!!!!

                          I'd say buy one!!!

                          Pfft, you wanted a 1.2 corsa too, look where that got you


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                            Oddly enough I've have quite a few of both the GSi and VXR.

                            Think of the VXR as a more refined , powerful , better handling and much quicker version of the GSi and you've got it.

                            Handling is significantly better and the low down delivery much better.

                            I averaged 25mpg driven with no real thought to fuel economy, I just plant an extra tree now and then.

                            All I would suggest is you get the best equipped one with 280PS you can afford.



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                              I've had mine for 20 months now, and, with me covering SE England / London in my work I get to experience the best and worst of our road networks. I've covered about 40K now, and to be honest I absolutely love getting in it and driving it every day.

                              I work with quite a few bmw snobs, and it cracks me up listening to them talking about their cars. A big part of the joy for me is that there ain't many on the roads, and as someone posted earlier, you might be the only around where you live.

                              As for the car? It is bloody quick even in standard form. I kept up with an S5 coupe the other day, and a porsche boxster s couldn't pull away either. In actual fact, at irresponsible speeds I started to reel him in a little. Despite what that nob on top gear reckons, they handle very well, although they require a little care this time of year as you'd imagine. I've got full leather on mine, and people are surprised at the luxury and how well it's put together inside. Its huge inside, but then you'll know that already! Economy wise, according to the computer I've averaged 27.0 in the time I've had it. I have seen 40mpg on a Miss Daisy run. But my mileage is a mixture of **** - M25 and south circular kangarooing, to 70mph cruising, to really really enjoying it cross country. I don't think it's too bad considering. Running costs are pretty reasonable for what it is. I've had a few niggles go wrong - intermittent climate control and failed wipers, but the local dealer sorted that under warranty. Hell, they even cleaned the car too.

                              I get a few comments about it. I had to ask my nephew what some young lads meant when they referred to it as 'sick'! People who know about cars give you respect, people who hail that nob on top gear as their guru are happy to take the piss and refer to it as 'its only a vauxhall'. Well, I wouldn't be seen dead in their common as ***** bm's! Each to their own.

                              Downsides? £400+ tax hurts and pisses me off in equal measures, the suspension is a little noisy from cold, the gear shift is a little crunchie when cold, I can't keep it clean in this weather, I couldn't get the power down the other day from standstill in the wet against an RS4 estate (probably just as well), the depreciation is scary, and (as i've whinged about before) there's nowhere to put a coffee cup in the front (although as others on here pointed out, you can buy them from Vauxhall). So nothing really major tbh.

                              I don't why, because they are very different cars, but for some reason it reminds me of my old ur-quattro I used to have. Can't put my finger on it, but there you go!

                              Would definitely recommend one mate. Do it. You know it makes sense!