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Oil Level lamp - little urgent

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  • Oil Level lamp - little urgent

    Hi Guys,

    Hope you have had a nice Christmas and will continue on towards the New Year.

    I have a question today - my oil level lamp has lit up twice today, checked the level and it´s full (only 6000km since oil change). When ignition turned off and back on again, no oil level lamp is lit.

    This has happened twice today but I didn´t get it to lit up again doing my last 100km back home. Do I have a sensor failure since the oil level is at normal when visual inspected?

    I will go on a long trip for 1800km on sunday, should I be worried?
    (The weather has been moisty and -1°C to -3°C)

    In my opinion it certainly feels like a faulty sensor signal but I would appreciate if anybody could mention any similiar incidents or suggestions on how to proceed.

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    Sounds like it could be a sensor issue. We had problems on the 9-3 at work but was only an odd few cars, prob about 6... But I cant remember if that was sensor failure or leakage from the seal.

    If its definitely the oil level light and not the pressure light, just keep an eye on the level, so long as it doesn't drop you should be OK

    If however its the oil pressure light, then I'd be very careful and try not to drive it until the car is checked out as if its not the pressure sensor playing up you could encounter problems driving it


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      Thanks Macca,

      Yes, it´s the oil level light.
      I´ll try to get a hold of my workshop today but I think it´s difficult to get anybody to check the fault today.

      Should I disconnect the battery to reset the computer or should I do nothing?

      It doesn´t come on straight away and as mention I drove 100km yesterday and it didn´t come on again. So maybe some magic fixed it


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        Could be a faulty connection, or the sensor playing around. Disconnecting the battery probably will not cure those kind of faults. Just keep an eye on the oil level and make sure you check it when its at running temperature too


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          Checked it at running temperature yesterday and it was full, going to check it in a couple of minutes again. Not at running temperature and on a real plain surface.

          If it lits up on my "big" journey I will check it some more times and an extra bottle of oil is already in the car in case the sensor is correct.

          Since it wasn´t on all the time yesterday it surely feels like a glitch somewhere, the last 100km the light didn´t come on. Got a bit stressed on the freeway yesterday when it lit up

          The reseller/workshop says they have experienced faulty sensors especially on cdti engines, as long as the level is fine there isn´t any problem.

          Thanks again Macca - I´ve now got 4 opinions saying the same thing so I can rest assured =)
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            No problems mduck


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              Yeah, we used to do a few on the old 93, if i remember correctly, it was the oil level/pressure sensor that went onto the sump.

              I could be wrong, im talking well over 4 years ago now.


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                Sounds like a sensor issue to me, but a low oil light isn't something I would **** around with. Get it to a shop ASAP.


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                  Originally posted by Phoenix View Post
                  Yeah, we used to do a few on the old 93, if i remember correctly, it was the oil level/pressure sensor that went onto the sump.

                  I could be wrong, im talking well over 4 years ago now.
                  Thats the kiddy


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                    Done the trip and no oil level light for about 2500km - as guessed there was some sort of glitch possible due to very damp air and a recent car washing.

                    Cooling level?
                    However I still have problems with the cooling level, have an hose mounted electric heater for engine/coupe and somewhere there is a leakuge and it needs refilling sometimes. Been to shop 4 times now, still the same issue

                    Any suggestion? - Can it be the container or lid that´s the problem?
                    Never problems during summer only at winter time

                    Me would think that 4 times is more than enough to correct this fault but apparently not. Thinking of removing it but it´s quite cold sometimes in Sweden. Yesterday when we went home from the skiing trip we had a lowest temperature of -34°C !!


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                      Check around where the two small hoses from turbo connect at top of bottle and joint in centre of coolant reservoir.

                      Mine has just split last week, and the part no. is superceded so there is a known problem with reservior.