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800 miles with Vectra VXR at 300bhp

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  • 800 miles with Vectra VXR at 300bhp

    A few of you will know that I first had problems with my car late last year, after a problem with Tech 2 talking to the car, the ECU eventually failed and the car was off the road for a few weeks whilst my local dealer tried in vain to reprogram a newly fitted ECU but to no avail. It wasn’t until a second unique ECU was fitted that the tech 2 reprogram was successful and finally after 5 weeks in a hire car, I finally got my car back.
    Since then the car has been fine.

    Last week David Peace (DAP Developments & ex 88 and Tony Pilcher (888 GM) took time to travel up to Scotland and check over my car to make sure that all was okay, at the same time another Vectra VXR owner from N. Ireland came over to get his car remapped also with the 300/480 map.

    With almost 1000 bhp of Arden Blue on my driveway the remapping of 2 Vectra’s was trouble free, the only delay was awaiting updates from the mapping guys in Germany via email.

    On the standard VXR the power is switchable via the sport switch, on mine because of the new ECU and therefore different software, meant that 300 bhp is on tap permanently. The sport switch still adjusts the steering, throttle response and dampers as normal.

    Driving the car, straight away you know something is different, 1st and 2nd gears you will need to treat the throttle like an egg shell…press it too hard and you will light up the tyres in the wet/damp/dry…same as standard then but a little more respect is required. 3rd and 4th are very impressive….60 – 100 is eye wateringly fast in 4th (My Favourite! ;>). 5th and 6th as you would expect are also greatly improved.

    Fortunately the evening after the remap was dry so I had to test the whole thing out at my local airfield. Grip is very good in 1 & 2 with little or no wheel spin when pushing hard (Torque limiters are built into the map), 3rd gear pulls like a train (watch it in the wet though) the tyres will chirp a little as the torque limits are lifted. 4th is THE gear, with the standard car it is fast but with the new map it’s just silly quick! 5th is just as good but you will be well into 3 figures by now….6th gear feels like the old 4th!

    Power delivery is as smooth as standard, the engine seems to rev a little quicker and with the same feel/acceleration up to around 3500rpm then there’s a big surge as the increased boost comes into effect…keep pushing and the another surge can be felt at 4500rpm (The VVT?) this pushes all the way to the redline.

    3500rpm in 6th is interesting, you’re passing around 105 or so when the power increase comes in…very funny feeling in 6th and quite scary. David reckons the car is capable of 170 now!! For those who want figures the remap is rated to produce around 300bhp with 480Nm.

    I think this map is what every Vectra VXR owner should have, for about the price of a couple of good tyres it totally transforms the car from a very fast Vauxhall to a super car embarrassing machine…in a straight line.

    Another surprise was the lack of carbon build up on the exhausts, I’d always suspected the car ran a little rich but since the remap the carbon deposits have reduced a significant amount. The mpg has slightly improved as well…the BC is showing 29.8mpg at the moment after 800miles of mixed/hard driving…another bonus!

    Big thanks must go to David Peace and Tony Pilcher for taking their valuable time to actually make the trip to Scotland and ensure that the car was sorted after it’s ECU failure and carry out the remap, both diamond geezers. If you’re in need of any remaps VXR or otherwise get in touch with these guys.

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    Sounds like fffffffun with a capital FF
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      I found the carbon on the exhaust went with BP102 ...
      2007 Audi RS4 - sold 2008


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        Great to hear everthing's worked out okay for you. Just enjoy the ride now!


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          How do you stand with reagards to warranty once youve had the 300/480 remap?


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            Warranty wise.....if the engine develops a fault directly related to the map then I wouldn't contact your dealer.

            Your preferred tuner will give you backup....if not get a tuner who will to do it for you.


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              So if i get an engine problem which cant directly be attributed to the remap then my vxl warranty should still cover it?


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