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    What a b"£$%^!!!! lost the windscreen on the Veccie this morning on my way to work, a very large piece of debris was flicked up by an on coming steel carrier (big artic lorry) and BANG!!! I got covered with shards of glass from the inside of the screen splintering. A large golf ball sized shape was left in screen right by the A pillar, if I had been in the centre of the screen then god knows what would of happened.

    Been on the phone to VXL and a new screen is £500 plus....

    Just got off the phone to the county council who look after to road and told them what had happened, got a case number so tomorrow I will take some pictures of the inside of the car and the screen and send them off to the council.

    Now several weeks ago I phoned the council and complained to them about this very stretch of road....

    I'll let you know what happens.

    Got to take the car into VXL tomorrow, can't do it today as I'm working 12 hours...

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    Tough break (no pun intended)

    Surely you are comprehensively insured so you would only need to pay the XS, not the full £500


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      Have you called insurance, what did they say?

      Absolute bummer mate and hope it doesn't take too long to get sorted, and that it's only the windscreen that got damaged. Hopefully didn't you you too much of a shock.


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        Originally posted by BO55 VXR
        Tough break (no pun intended)

        Surely you are comprehensively insured so you would only need to pay the XS, not the full £500
        Yeah covered comprehensivley, but don't have my insurance details with me at work, so will give them a ring tonight when I get home if they are still open...NU Direct.... :?


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          £500 !! - Someones pulling a fast one !

          1st thing I had to do when I got my VXR was to replace the windscreen as it had a 'huge' chip in it, right in the drivers line of vision.

          Was around £160 all in. Sent the invoice to the dealer, and got a cheque back from them a few days later
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            UPDATE...Phoned the insurers last night, all covered and its going to be done (at present) by the supplying dealer as 2x plastic strips also need to be replaced as they are colour code so might as well get done in one place, do have the windscreen cover but not too happy with RAC Windscreen service as on my last vectra they made a small chip a lot that it originally was, I know they won't be able to repair this chip!!! :wink: but I'd rather it was done all together and saves me tooing and froing (spell?)

            Off to the dealers shortly once I've taken some pictures and hoovered all the glass up, my wife even ended up picking a couple of pieces of glass out my hair last night when I got home, just as well I had my glasses on yesterday.....

            This countries road's are a disgrace and then they want to charge us more to drive on what is no more than a wrickity old lane....GET A GRIP BLAIR!!!


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              Car going in this morning for the new windscreen to be fitted.

              £309 all in now....big difference from £517 i was quoted on Tuesday.

              First screen arrived yesterday but was damaged, new screen should be arriving today, hopefully intact...

              Just having trouble with the insurance company now, want me to stup up £120 excess when all thats being replaced is the windscreen, which should be just £60....also still waiting for authorisation for it to be carried out


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                Fingers crossed mate :wink:


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                  Still not got the car back...NU have not released the authorisation documents.

                  Despite promising me on Friday they'd been sent...feckers!!!

                  The garage didn't phone until late either and when my wife eventuslly picked up the message they's gone home and not in until Monday.

                  NU Direct wonder why people are leaving in droves, if this is the level service they offer then **** um!!!

                  A complaint to the Chief Exec is going in on Monday!!!

                  See post in General section as another reason why the car wasn't collected...