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  • Dont Fail me

    Hi guys nice site,

    Im about to purchase a vxr vectra currently got a 3.2 signum great fun, Also driven a GSI 3.2 with NOS even more fun.

    But my question I am a bit of sad old man. As i have a caravan and everything i have read says that the VXR vectra does not have a towing limit.

    Please do not tell me I cant get one. I am the fastest tower in the uk
    Bournemouth to Edinburgh in under 8 hours and 3 tanks of petrol.

    I was all set to trade in my 04 plate for an 56 plate VXR but if i cant tow me caravan then ill not be joining the VXR community.

    If you can possible let me know. Have had great fun out accelerating cars as they overtake me. One guy pulled in to the services as i was filling up and told me 4 times he went to overtake but couldnt keep up. Oh how i laughed when i told him it was only a basic vauxhall and maybe he should get one(BTW i have debadged it)


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    Probably not much more or less than this for the 2.0lTSRI

    Weights and towing data (kg)

    Maximum towing weights
    Kerbweight 1456 Gross vehicle weight 1995 Trailer with brakes 1600 Trailer without 730

    There is a formula you can apply if you can sneak a look under the bonnet

    Every vehicle manufacturer has to give a maximum towing limit. This can be found in the vehicle handbook and also on the chassis plate, usually found under the bonnet. The information can be presented in a variety of ways. The clearest is when the plate gives the towing limits for both braked and unbraked trailers. Sometimes the car’s Gross Train Weight (GTW) is given. This is the combination of the car’s Maximum Permitted weight (MPW) sometimes called Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and the trailers Gross Trailer Weight (GTW). To get the towing limit simply deduct the MPW from the GTW.

    Be happy and get the car anyway and get a new caravan if you have to
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      Im sure its all in the hand book,Ive got Vectra with towbar,a removeable one fitted by local Vaux dealer,you dont even know your towing,hence two blow outs within 3 miles.


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        hi thanks for the comments but when you look at the other 2.8v6 turbos all have towing weights and understand the formula but when you look at the spec for vxr it says N/A. I know if you upgrade your suspension to imscher you cannot fit a towbar to the car. Not sure about vxr

        So ill have to wait for VX to get back to me the car is 85% of the caravans weight so no problem there it is the N/A that concerns me just wondered if anyone else that had a VXR and has a caravan 24 foot long. pulls the caravan and doesnt effect the handling of the car or knackers the car.