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How do you keep your alloys clean?

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  • How do you keep your alloys clean?

    I love to keep my car very clean but always seem to have problems keeping the alloys sparkling even with using all expensive wheel cleaners.
    Can someone help with this problem?

    Many thanks


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    I use "Wonder Wheels" from Halfords on my Astra. Its brilliant, you just brush it in all the nooks and cranies and then spray off. Easy peasy Its only about a 10er a box and lasts for ages.


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      OEM brake pads seem to produce masses of brake dust, so in answer there is no easy solution to keeoing them clean.

      However, avoid using "Wonder Wheels" as it contains an acid that will eventually attack the alloys, leaving them discoloured. Yes is works wonders, but it will knacker them in the long run. My next door neighbour told me this as he always used it, but stopped, he runs a specialist painting equipment company and did some delveing into the contents of Wonder Wheels...

      See some of the posts in the cleaning section for more advice.

      hope this helps...


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        Really? I never knew that. I've been using it for 10 months on mine and they seem fine :?


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          Might be a time to stop using it, I used to use on my 2.5 Vectra and my neighbour used to use on his Audi A6 then he came over day and advised me stop using it. I've also seen other posts on forums advising people with nice alloys against using it. Like you Adski I didn't know either, but do now...


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            Hmmm, ok thanks for the info What do you suggest then? Would some sort of Meg's wheel cleaner be ok?


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                Yeah I think the megs products are okay, or the autoglym stuff would be okay.

                To be honest I use the normal car wash and a bottle brush I bought from Lakeland plastics (buy 1 get 1 free) as its small and ideal for getting between the spokes, I did buy a megs one, but its too bendy and you can't get the right purchase on it to get the rubbish off the inner faces of the wheels.

                The lakeland one is great and cheap to boot.

                The wheels come up fine each time, I then just dry them off and polish them with megs gold class polish.


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                  Ok cheers mate. There you go phil, problem solved :wink:


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                    Originally posted by Adski
                    Ok cheers mate. There you go phil, problem solved :wink:
                    No worries, hope this all helps...


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                      I have brushes that were meant to be for cleaning my bicycle but I have used on occasion on bits of my wheels. Don't using brushes scratch the wheel laquer?


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                        Autosmart alloy wheel cleaner diluted to 3:1, magic is not the word for it. Used it for along time on the Vectra B gsi , never had a problem. Soft brush and it will get to the inside of the wheel.

                        This is used in the trade and works very well. Doe snot damage the wheel but wil get into the little dimples which hold the dust.

                        About £15 for 5 litres.


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                          I have used Wonder Wheels for ages, and it has never discoloured the VW, Volvo. or VX wheels I have used it on. I don't use it too often, maybe every month or so, and use polish to prevent brake dust attaching in between.


                          You need to realise that it's pretty much dilute Hydrochoric Acid.

                          So it's very important to rinse it all off afterwards (including the rear of the wheel) AND don't use it if you have chips in the laquer, or you'll end up with corrosion and bubbles.



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                            Guy who re-furbed my alloy told me to polish wheels with car polish and to avoid using strong cleaners!! Brake dust dosen't stick to the polish and just comes straight off when you clean them with soapy water!


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                              Guys I would vouch for waxing the wheels. Waiting for better weather to clean and polish again
                              Life is too short