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Vectra VXR Engine Tech Info

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  • Vectra VXR Engine Tech Info

    Incase you Vectra lot were feeling left out here is some 2.8V6 Turbo info for you.....
    The 2.8 V6 engine is a Turbo charged engine manufactured completely of aluminium with 60 deg between cylinder banks, 4 valves per cylinder and 2 camshafts per bank. The engine is a crossflow type i.e. with intake ducts on one side and exhaust ducts on the other side of the combustion chambers. The cylinder liners are steel and are cast into the block.
    The turbocharger known as a “twin scroll” turbo is a relatively new type for petrol engines. “Twin Scroll means that the turbine housing is divided into two spirals – one fed from the front cylinder bank and the other fed from the rear cylinder bank. The compressor has a standard design in order to achieve better performance, lower fuel consumption and low emissions; the engine is equipped with continuously variable cam phasing (CVCP).
    CVCP is a system that makes continual variation of the intake camshaft positions, i.e. phasing. The duration (The number of degrees the valves are held open) remains constant. It is the position of the cam lobes i.e. the camshaft angles when the intake valves open and close, that are different. This is controlled by the ECU via hydraulic valves in order to obtain the optimal intake camshaft setting at any given operating point.
    By using the energy of the exhaust pulses as a propelling force rather than the more or less constant flow of exhaust gases, the turbocharger reacts quicker. There is also a lower average pressure in the exhaust gases, which is good for engine ventilation. There is little flow of exhaust gases from the exhaust manifold into the cylinder, resulting in efficient cleansing with low residual gas content.

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    Thanks Dougie. is the basic engine spec the same as the version fitted to the Cadilac. It seems the 3.6 can have oil spray jets, does the 2.8?