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Vauxhall Phone Kit

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  • Vauxhall Phone Kit

    I enquired today about a phone kit for our Vectra. Apparantly there is a Bluetooth Kit on Vauxhalls parts list and they are going to bring one in to see if it can be fitted into the car.
    Does anyone know if this can be done or is this just some additional module for cars with the factory fit bluetooth. It sounds very reasonable at £92 (they think it includes the fitting). Certainly a lot cheaper that the £200 non blue tooth kit I paid for on our Citroen.

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    Sounds like a Parrot Kit.


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      I'm not sure what you have ordered. Did you specify the mobile you had? The factory BT/in car kit has to have an additional phone cradle which clips in to hold the phone. Howevr, this is for the car kit to work as a standard in-car mobile phone kit, not specifcially for BT. The factory kit does BT and in-car. The factory unit also runs through the stereo and loads the phone book. More to the point, the cradle for the car is approx £90 etc. One other thig, the factory unit removes the drinks holder in the centre console. Hope this helps.


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        In all honesty I haven't a clue what they have ordered, although they did ask me what phone I had.


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          Have to say it sounds like the cradle rather than the kit, but would be interested to see as I could fit one to my Corsa