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  • AP Brakes

    During last week Courtenays fitted the new AP brakes to the Vectra ( I think the first offical set apart from the factory cars).

    The brakes where supplied in Red and they also paint the rears to match.

    At present the brakes are still being bedded in but driving like Miss DaisyI recon that's goign to take me years, as the whirls haven't even started to appear yet and its done 300 miles!!!

    Anyway the handling of the car has had a marked improvement. There is more feel to the front, the car moves its line easier and bumps are so much more controlled. Brake pressure feels much better than standard with less "vague" feeling to the pedal. The bite from the pads is very inspiring.

    I did however want to see the weight lose.

    My standard Disk weighs in at 12kg and my standard caliper (with pads) weighs in at 7.8 kg.

    The whole kit for the AP, (disks, caliper, pads and mounting braket) weighs in at 13kg. So a near enough weight saving of nearly 7kg.

    Hmm now imagine bouncing 7 bags of sugar up and down and trying to control that!.

    Will post som pics once I get round to cleaning.

    Thanks to Jon and the lads, who as usual, attention to detail is excellent.

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    I must admit that I was surprisingly overwhelmed with the standard brakes. Had to do my first emergency stop the other day! Was on a very large round-a-bout, and a car that was stationary at the next junction round decided that my bumper would look nice against his drives door

    Hit the brakes 'very' hard with around 45 degrees turn on the wheel. Car stopped on a 2 pence piece! (was already expecting the backend to swing out)

    ...and that's with the standard Conti's as well!! Another 1K or so and will swap the fronts for Toyo's.
    DAP Springs, EDS Precat decat, TD 1.2, Quaife diff, mapped, RSS Lightweight Clutch - Job done!


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      Saw those new brakes on Sunday and they looked really good Mark. That weight loss is considerable so I'm not surprised there's an immediate difference in the handling stakes. Must let us know how they develop as you bed them in a bit more :wink:


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        well worth investment
        especially if your considering the big 340..............


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          What size are the Astra's?


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            345mm 4 pots


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              Very nice Mark, they sure look the business, do you know if there's a rear set available or planned? I'm seriously tempted to get these but could only really justify it purely for the aesthetical value, I'm sure the performance is outstanding and if I planned lots of track days it makes perfect sense.

              Are you running a stage 1 remap also on your car? I've found the standard brakes excellent and I often leave my braking till I'm well past the 100 yard markers, but as is the case with most things, you're satisfied until you sample something better! I think if there was a rear set available to match the fronts I would get these for certain, but I'm still sorely tempted to get a front set.



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                The rears are already grooved and the calipers have been re-painted red.

                The pedal pressure frm the initial touch is much better. Its not just the stopping, the weight reductions has given the steering communication and feedback which I felt the car lacked.

                As for the stage one do you mean a remap or exhaust?

                I do have a modified gearbox which gives the same performance as the 280 version of the car. Once I get the -reamp to 300 (then340) the car will always be offering the performance of a car with a further 25bhp on top of what the engine doing, if you get my drift. Just to expand that, the std 50-70 is quoted as 7.9 in 5th. I tested this and it was spot on at 7.8. Once the gearbox had been fitted the figure went down to 5.8 so a 2 sec increase in performcen for the same yard stick.


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                  Hi Mark,

                  Yes stage 1 I meant just the remap, I'm intrigued about your gearbox modifications, I don't quite understand how that can give you 25 more HP, does it for example make your 0-100 time any quicker?

                  Is that pic Aussie posted your car? Or just what your AP's look like? Any change of a pic of the rears?

                  If I'm spending 2 grand on brakes I would want the rears to look as close to the fronts as possible, that means bigger disk, same grooving and VXR/AP painted logo's on the calipers, can anyone offer this yet?



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                    I am assuming your gearbox has shorter gearing, will this not make the 340 pointless as the car will top out with the 300 surely, I would think that with all the extra power a taller box would work better ?


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                      Originally posted by Bainie
                      I am assuming your gearbox has shorter gearing, will this not make the 340 pointless as the car will top out with the 300 surely, I would think that with all the extra power a taller box would work better ?
                      In a fashion yes, but the alteration is purely on the final drive, which alters the speed in each gear.

                      As for the 340 , its really then down to acceleration. The 340 will work fine with either altered or standard box, its just that the altered box potentially has a better accelration. It then remains on how well the car can put the power down.

                      The 25bhp increase is not an actaul increase it is purely a calculation (and rough calcualtion), as to what bhp the increase in performance represents.

                      A test was run in 5th gear as the yard stick on a 280 vs. 255.

                      We found that the 255 can accelerate as quickly as the 280 from 50-70 with the alteration, therefore representing a 25 bhp increase. Its only a rough guide. But of course the down side will be the top speed, but even with the altered box the car will still theoretically pull 176mph.

                      I like acceleration over extreme top speed.

                      Hope that explains


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                        I didn`t think it would still do that for top speed, I guess topping out isn`t going to be an issue *lol* .. I always played with the gearing when tuning my bikes, a bit easier on a bike, swapping sprockets .. Usually when increasing the power by 60ish % you would have taller gearing on,obviously the vec box is geared way too tall for the car (hence you changing it in the first place) . Be interesting to see what it could do compared with a standard 340 when you get there, as there is a fine line with gearing vs power/torque .


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                          We could also do with a short shift kit as well, as it now feels as though 2nd is in the back seat!


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                            Yeah, agree there, I was looking at them at demon tweaks, I reckon they would have one which could do the job ...


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                              short shift should be ready August September for ASTRA VXR, VECTRA VXR, MERIVA ZAFIRA and CORSA VXR