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Short vid of my new Milltek

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  • Short vid of my new Milltek

    Hi folks,

    Just had a Milltek fitted along with KW lowering springs yesterday at TMS, took the whole day but was well worth it, the system sounds fantasic but will change note slightly over the next 300 miles I am told, great service from the TMS guys, thanks John!

    I've made a quick vid for you lot to see and hear what it's like, I'll try and do something better another time, you'll need windows media player 11 or VLC for it to be displayed in the correct 16*9 widescreen.

    Right click on the link and 'save as' or something..

    As for the springs, massive improvement, car no longer feels all floaty when the IDS is turned off, turns in to corners so much better with a real positive feel and hangs on even better. Big improvement under braking too, car feels planted and doesn't snake like before.

    Also met shane (Aussie) and wayne (240bhp), couple of great guys, wayne hope you're enjoying your milltek on the astra!

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    Very nice, does the car look a lot lower with the springs on? Any chance of a side pic as mine should be in at dap for srings and remap this month so it would be nice to see.


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      Thanks.. my car does look a lot lower but I started with an Elite, not a VXR, plus I have 18's with 40mm tyres, so VXR results will vary from mine, the back tyre is now about the same height as the wheel arch so no real gap at all! looks very nice indeed, front tyre gap to the arch is 2cm, they may settle slighly lower.


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        How much did they lower the suspension from standard? Aparently the vxr springs lower approx 20mm which does make me wonder where the back wheels will end up. Do you no if anybody has had problems with the wheels hitting the wheel arches over large bumps?

        I have 19inch rims fitted but they are 8.5 inch rims vxr 19's are 8inch so i hope this isnt going to be a problem.


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          Hi Chris mate. Was good to meet you on Wednesday.
          Glad to hear you are loving the new Exhaust and Springs. I must admit it looked sweet the other day and the springs set it off nicely. Now you have the Milltek I bet you cant stop driving it.
          Mine is running fine mate. Im totally lovin it.