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Told to keep the engine running for a minute?

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  • Told to keep the engine running for a minute?

    When I collected my new Vectra VXR last Wednesday one of the things I was told by the dealer was that I must keep the engine running for a minute before turning her off. He said it's to give the turbo fan blades time to stop!

    Can someone out there explain what this is all about please, and is it really necessary on a todays cars?

    I'm having terrible trouble remembering to do it!!

    Many thanks

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    Its not to stop the blades entirely, its to allow them to slow down and cool down a little.

    By shutting the engine off immediately, you shut of the oil supply and that aint good for the bearings when they are running at high-speed/high-temp after a run...even on a modern car...


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      Dont forget to remain in the vehicle when your waiting!!! Otherwise its:


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        I remember turning mine off after a rather enthusiastic drive and quite a bit of nasty smelling smoke poured out from under the bonnet!


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          The only reason to leave it running for a minute is to allow cooling down, but it really only applies if you have been making some good progress. If you return home through town and its s gentle drive for 3 or 4 miles then the turbo will have had plenty of time to cool down, the excess heat will have been pulled out of the engine bay by then.

          Never turned it off if I had been making good progress but in normal driving I turn off as any normal asp car.

          One thing that always helps is very good and frequent oil changes a bit more frequent than 20k and as high a quality oil as you can.

          Thats my penny's worth.


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            Sorry to hijack the thread,

            Sparky, what oil would you recommend? I know its fully synth, but which one?


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              Persoanlly I would go for Amsoil from Courtenays. The oil is superb. I ran an Astra GTE converted with a Calibra Turbo engine with on 2k on the engine. I ran Amsoil every 4k, and after 50k we took the heads of ( change for a COsscast head) and the original honing marks where still on the bores and the compression was still spot on.

              The oil is among the best, keeps is technical spec even in the toughest test. Its not overly expensive for the qualtiy you get and you can rest assured that when on circuit or road it will always serve you well.

              My opinion only


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                It's easy enough to "warm down" as you approach home.

                The issue might be if you've been blasting along the motorway, then pull off to refuel: shutting down immediately will not be a good idea, as whatever oil is in the turbo will be cooked and turned into caramel.

                Waiting 60 seconds or so on the forecourt will help, as the turbo will cool down a liitle as the oil continues to circulate.



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                  I was already away of the cooling the turbo thing, however after an enthuisatic drive my cooling fan cuts in when i switch the car of and can sometimes stay on for 10 to 15 minutes. Does everybody else have this or is my veccy getting to hot! Temp guage reads ok.


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                    Mine has done this on a 40 minute run home from work, not overly enthusiatic, but the fans came on when I went to alarm the car.


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                      Many thanks for your tips guys!