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Pulling to the left

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  • Pulling to the left

    The car has done over a thousand miles now and I'm still over the moon with it, however a week or so ago it started pulling to the left a little. I checked the tyre pressures, brakes etc & all was ok. The car was taken to the local dealer from who I bought the car & they could'nt find anything wrong with it, altough they did say it pulled to the right as well ! They said the car was too new & they did'nt have any info on the Vectra VXR & I should wait a while & see if anybody else reports a similar fault ! They also said it could be that the tyres are too big & that that could be the problem! I took the car to a local garage to get the tracking checked, they found it to be 1mm out & reset it for me. Problem solved. I will be sending the bill to Vauxhall.

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    That is poor of your dealer. My own can't do enough for me, even though they have only sold 1 Vectra VXR and don't have a lot of experience. I would have expected any dealer to contact Vauxhall Technical for help and advice.