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new vxr.....but missing a few bits.....!!

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  • new vxr.....but missing a few bits.....!!

    hiya all...
    well..i've now had my new vxr vectra 4 a week --- and wow --- yes it goes like hell.....not yet had it over 3 thousand revs either..
    i've had loads of vauxhalls...all sri or gsi models...and i really think this vxr is put together really well -- seems a lot more solid than my others
    ..the gsi i just parted with was so quite though and now the vxr has wot i call the subaru syndrome sound....but i will get used 2 it..
    my real concerns/letdown is the lack of bits i've always assumed would be on a car of this quality and price....------
    where r the rain sensitive wipers .... where is the overhead sunglass compartment ... and wot happened 2 the self dipping mirror.. where is the boot accessory socket in the boot(as stated in the spec list) ... wotever happened 2 the coin box under the light switch ... where r the compartment boxes in the 1st aid area in the boot ... and wotever happened to the bonnet struts---now all i got is a rod ....shall i go on....!!!!!
    HAVING SAID ALL THAT i gotta admit .....shes a beauty 2 look at .. and drives like a dream
    should we all be ganging up on vauxhall and demanding a recall 4 a few bit 2 be fitted FOC...??????? perhaps this club organiser could put pressure on them...??
    ---- i hope 2 catch a few of u all out and about soon.......take out 4 the

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    I have to agree with your comments on the Vectra, a truly wonderful car. However, I can't offically speak for VXL, but looking from my point of view I can understand why some of the parts are missing. I think we need to look at what the VXR brand stands for and how by placing all the comfort bits in it may detract from the overall image and purpose. One of the bits I do agree with however, is the lack of chronomatic mirror, which I see as a safety item more than comfort. For the more comfort bits I feel I have gained with colour brakes, great styling and overall performance ability. I suppose there's always a budget and I think the cost of the car is extremely good compared to other brands. Look how EVO rated the car this month and the price difference over the other cars. At least we got xenon lights which where from what I understand not going to be originally fitted.
    Not sure about the bonnet strut, understand this point ,but wondered if it had anything to do with the bonnet being alloy (perhaps thestrut would make it fly up ).
    Not sure we can apply that much pressure for retro fitting bits, but thats not my call. Also if we did want to fit the mirror it is, so I have been told, a major job , due to the wiring loom.
    Hope you continue to enjoy the car, I certainely enjoy it every time I go out.


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      I don't think a recall is called for, unless you are suggesting that the car you have been supplied with is not what you were led to believe it was.
      At the end of the day it is a cracking car for the money.


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        I have to agree about the lack of some of the gadgets i would have expected on the car. The anti dazzle mirror and the rain sensitive wipers i would have liked and my old GSI had climate control as standard, but i have to say it is an excellent car and a very spirited beast on the road. I would like a set of genuine vauxhall mudflaps for it but there are none available for the VXR. The stones and tar will play havoc with that lovely blue paintwork


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          I also agree about some of the gadgets I expect on the VXR Vectra. I currently have a Vectra Elite and it has heated front seats, left and right variable climate control, auto dipping mirror, auto wipers, rear air con, full leather interior, 19' alloys, cruise control etc...etc... All as STANDARD! What has happened to the flagship model luxuries? I can hardly afford to add all these extras to the VXR model, should they not have a VXR luxury pack moderately priced to include them all? What about a VXR Elite model?


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            I've also got an Elite because I need the auto box, still has the same power plant as the VXR ie the 2.8 V6 Turbo though somewhat detuned apparently, I had the VXR body styling fitted and I'm waiting for a full Milltek exhaust when it's finally ready, it lacks the sporty look of the VXR with it's honeycomb hatched grilles and the interior VXR logos and sporty dials, however I do like all the toys this model has as standard, the full leather is quite something and the mp3 player and colour display/satnav and computer controlled climate control that all came at no extra cost gives the car a luxury feel of a car of much higher price, I can understand why these aren't standard on the VXR so to keep the price down, but since they're available VXL should have at least made them an option on the VXR for those with slightly deeper pockets who enjoy their toys.
            Bongo -
            Is your Elite a V6? What kind of exhaust system came fitted, did you get the twin chrome oval tailpipes as per the spec sheet?