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This weeks Auto Express Roadtest

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  • This weeks Auto Express Roadtest

    It Features the Vectra VXR (blue) up against the Mazda 6 mps and the Ford Mondeo ST220. Obviously the Vectras the best because the Mazda is an old mans car and the Mondeo lacks sport appeal even though its a ST220!!

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    That's why the vxr was second?


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      Good point, I was just saying it from my opinion should have made it more clearer


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        One of the problems that keeps hitting the VXR in magazine reviews is the residuals. This is killing the cost of ownership. It will lose money similar to a Legacy Spec B which is frightening. Four door saloons from manufacturers of Rep cars never do well.
        If you go to a company such as Lex they will give you a residual value (3 years 10k/year) on the Vectra VXR of £7k, compare this to an Astra VXR which they give £8.6k on a car that starts out nearly £5k cheaper.
        If they were testing them at a year old when the Vectra will drop about £10-11k then it would be a different story IMHO.


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          I had a Spec B Saloon last year and the drop in value was horrendous. Having said that it wouldn't have been sold if it weren't for the even more horrendous fuel economy and brake judder.
          Personally if I get £7K for our Vectra after 3 years I won't mind. It would mean a loss of £18K. I have lost £10K on a Porsche Boxster after 4 months. Personally I am not concerned by percentages, it is the physical loss that is of more interest.


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            I would be suprised if you can buy a vectra vxr for that money in three years.
            My point is that mags use residual figures they pick up from various sources. With high performance Vauxhalls they seem to look at the list price and then use a percentage residual. Usually forecasting very little difference between models at three years.
            As an example they stated an Astra VXR at three years would be worth less than an Astra SRI, which is crap. Interesting to see residual figures for the Astra VXR starting to creep up.
            I do think that the Vectra VXR will have a very hard first year fall, but then depreciate slowly after that.
            Back to the main point. The Vectra VXR has been hit in review rating based on its running costs.