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    Hey All, have a CV joint showing the early signs of coming to end of service life, as it has done the same as its opposite side and the inner joints I decided I am going to change both shafts complete as I don't want to do the outer, only to find the inners need doing a couple of months later -

    As ever, it's either a minefield as to the best value for money and of acceptable quality, or buy from Vx, I would have been inclined to buy something like this from Vx but given the age and mileage of my Vexxer I don't think it's an economical solution so I was wondering if anyone has already completed the task with aftermarket shafts, the make and what they cost.

    I've seen some on that well known auction site around £60 each for the complete shafts, but given the OEM from the stealers are more in the region of £800-£900 each, I have reservations as to the standard of these and if they would stand up to the power our girls generate ... They are engineered by a firm in Birmingham and the website is all dancing and claiming they are wonderful but they would ... also the info states they are warranted 2 years but on the famous site the warranty is only 1 year, so they clipped a years liability off ..

    I am not asking for a recommendation as I doubt that's allowed is it? But any 'experiences' of members that have changed their shafts and with what brand lol

    Thanks in advance for any info, I will check back for the next seven days and post when a solution is reached ... Thanks in advance

    PS. I have part numbers 12762086 - 374624 - same N/S and O/S ... (Source:
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    Have a look at my 2 detailed write ups on Vectra C and make your choice.
    Vectra VXR estate 07


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      Hey Dog Book, Thanks for getting back, I will be doing just that buddy - Thanks


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        Holy Sh** Steve .... If I wore a hat I would take it off to you ... Top Gun OCD ... I love it buddy ... Thanks for the heads up about your driveshaft situation - I was actually thinking of maybe just doing the CV joints as there isn't really an issue with the drive-shafts, I had a minor click on a full lock when cold and a very small vibration at about 80mph, I had the wheel balance checked and found the N/S/F had a weight sheered off so was a bit out - that cured the vibration and the click has strangely subsided ... Inspected the boots etc, all tight and good, so I might go down the route of refurbing my originals with new CV joints ... I'm only up in Manchester, mine is a black hatch, my pal lives in Nottingham and I go A50 Uttoxeter, next time I'm heading that way I'll have to give you a heads up and try to get to see that amazing renovation ... Thanks again for taking the time Pal

        I'm closing this thread now, thanks to all whom looked ...


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          I fitted one of the budget driveshafts from Ebay and it's been fine, went to Austria back in March no problems for me.. I figured that a £60 a pop its got to be worth a try..Have done about 3000 mile since I fitted it without any issues at all...


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            Since March mine would have done 7000 miles as i do about 1000 a month so work that out from last year, the cheap eBay ones have had good and bad reports and thats on lower powered cars. Personally my engineering side rings alarms bells on a whole shaft that doesn't match the dimensions of the OEM ones before even looking at the price. My Meyle outer CV joints were around £80 alone each so you get what you pay for.

            Your welcome to meet up, i just try and share info ive found but over the years dont copy it all here as its not as knowledgeable and i cant even upload pictures so i give up. If you want to arrnage a meet up do it through Vec C please and i can fill your head with GM and SAAB info regarding these cars

            The important thing going forward regarding these shafts is using the older SAAB pn's if you found the the shaft thread as well i linked.
            Vectra VXR estate 07