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Vectra estate vxr thinking of buying

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  • Vectra estate vxr thinking of buying

    Hi everyone.
    looking for some advice or if anyone on here knows the history of this car.
    I'm interested in buying a 09 plate vectra vxr estate reg SG09 EOC.
    I currently own a astra vxr nurburgring edition so this would be getting traded in for it.

    is this a good idea? Thinking of moving to vectra for practical reasons but don't want to let my astra go which is in good condition for the vectra if going to have loads of problems.
    it's a 09 vectra with 82k on the clock.

    thanks alot

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    The vectras are generally the most reliable of the VXR engine range, very few problems with them. Thirstier than a astra but its a heavier car with a bigger engine. Tax is £590 a year no way round that im afraid

    Like any performance car check for a good service history, especially oil as the 2.8's do like fresh good quality oil. The timing chain is a much debated thing, if its been done then thats fine, if its not and doesn't show any symptoms and has been looked after then don't worry about it. There's some on 200k + on the original chains. Its NOT a serviceable item like some will have you believe

    Vectra c's do rust on the rear arches so check them.

    Being a 09 it will have the IDS+ and CDC suspension which means it can be adjusted on the sport button and monitors the road, if
    the suspension warning light is on then it needs looked at as it can be expensive to sort.

    All vectras suffer from the rear springs cracking, although this a good time to upgrade which makes a vast improvement

    Wheels and tyres, check they are at the right tyre pressure as said its a heavy car and they should be 42/38. You'll fine the Ronal wheels the car comes fitted with crack if the tyres are under-inflated combined with the crap roads in the UK

    I owned a Astra for 3 years and ive had my Vectra for about 2, in that time ive found the Vectra to be the more reliable aside wear and tear its not had any issues.

    I would go for it if its a well sorted one, not many estates around. Prices are also on the up, estates tend to hold money a bit better than the hatch.

    Vectra VXR 280 . Courts Rad and Intercooler. Miltek cat back. K&N Panel. Eibach's. TD 1.2s


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      I owned an '07 plate VXR estate for nearly 3 years (diary here) and it was an absolute pleasure to own. The issues I had were just wear and tear items like the rear springs which has been replaced with cheap aftermarket items which weren't correct so I opted to buy genuine aftermarket trying Eibachs but finding the ride way to firm with the stock IDS+ shocks and 19s. As Andy has said the timing chains bring up many a discussion but providing it's been well maintained with regular oil changes (every 6 months for mine) then they shouldn't be an issue. If it has a standard OE map then to get the most pleasurable owning experience I suggest you get a stage one map from a reputable tuner. This transformed my VXR but did quickly kill the clutch which must have had a previous hard life anyway. The clutch change was easy and I opted for a LuK which can handle up to 530nM. Andy again has covered the tire pressures, I ran 40/40psi both front and rear and never suffered any issues but did buy the car with a cracked rim which I had successfully repaired. Another thing to watch for are the coils and plugs, they can cause misfire when they are on the way out so budget around £280 for genuine Bosch coils and decent plugs. If you run a map set the plug gap to 0.7mm otherwise the spark can get blow out and again cause misfires.There's lots of info and pics in my diary so have a poke in there. In my honest opiniton as I'm biased the VXR estates do look the better car and are only going up in value due to the rarity.
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        Thanks for tell us some good info.

        anybody know of any for sale?

        I was looking at this one but it says deposit taken now...

        Second hand blue 09 plate vauxhall vectra manual petrol estate 2.8 i turbo v6 24v vxr 5dr in Burton-on-trent. Contact us or visit our showroom today.


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          Just one thing if the shock light does come on it’s mainly bad wiring, not shocks as they are not monitored by the system if they fail for lack off pressure.
          Been playing with mine one for 6 the other just over a year?


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            How much would you guys estimate paying for a vectra vxr estate 55 plate with 58k on the clock in good condition? Seen one for £6995 but feel that might be steep. Not sure though.