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Vibrating noise when driving

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  • Vibrating noise when driving

    Getting a sort of vibrating noise that you can feel through the steering wheel coming from the front end (front drivets side it sounds like), only happens around 35mph+, happens when rolling in neutral too, tyres are just changed on front, no excessive wear on any of them, tracking has been checked, just changed the wheel bearing which I thought was the problem and the noise persists, any ideas? The steering wheel makes a slight click sometimes when I rick it side to side if this makes any difference, thought it could be a loose bolt on the UJ though.

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    Could be anything really, lower ball joint, track rod end, disc’s warped but that would be on braking, drive shaft out of balance, even though wheels changed I’ve had to get them redone as they done at a lower psi so when I put them to correct psi the wobble hit.
    Plus the uj at the bottom of the column, just have to go through and rule out one by one.