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  • Siii vxr

    With all the tuners looking at the Vectra VXR at the moment... how long do you think it will be before a Stage III Vectra VXR will be available...

    Stage I = Remap
    Stage II = Remap, Intercooler, Watercooler
    Stage III = Remap, Intercooler, Watercooler, Turbo upgrade


    Also, what power could you expect from a Stage III VXR

    350 BHP ???
    440 Lb/ft ???

    Getting slightly frustrated with abandoned projects on the Vectra / or no firm results ??

    888, MPG... etc etc ???

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    I'd be surprised if you see anything now - thought the tuners would be gearing up for Insignia tuning?



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      Steve worry not, my car seems too be coming together now, so in the next week or so il have some answers for ya buddy


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        Standard turbo is limited in the max gains it can make, be surprised if you saw more than 310bhp on it, torque wise you might gain a bit more but considering it's nigh on 100% on the Stage 1 map don't expect anything huge.

        As with Astra (albeit Stage different as exhaust is less of an issue), expect the Stage 2 to be a consolidation of the gains from Stage 1 to extend the sustainment of power through the RPM range and over prolonged periods of progress. There will be gains, but as with say Astra S2 to S3, the gains aren't big - but the change in sustainment should be

        Stage 3, will most likely involve either hybrid turbo or an upgrade to the Insignia turbo unit, should see gains of up to 340bhp - but this will be dependant on how far the respective tuners want to push gains vs. reliability Torque wise you may gain another 20-25lbsft, but the main reason for switching the turbo is to increase the power band and the top end bhp But this is also dependant on the turbo unit being used and the aims of the respective project

        But this is my view on it, what actually happens we'll have to wait and see