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xenon headlight..

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  • xenon headlight..

    hi guys and girls ,i had a wierd problem occur last night,when i went to collect my daughter from her gymnastics class last night,i noticed on the way that my driver side headlight was point towards the floor,when i pulled into the car park i noticed it more shining the headlights onto the wall,it was pointing right down,so i turned of ignition,pulled out the key,then put key back in and started car . the headlights adjust themselves as xenons should do then after a minute or so the driver side started to move up and down on its own,levelling of,then pointing down and so on,it also done this today as i started the car in this a known prob? an easy look and see if anything is disconnected job,or back to stealers to check out... any help would be much appreciated... thanks jon.
    sapphire black vectra vxr lowered on H&R`s,tints all round,main cat delete,center silencer delete.mapped by rabbid,302.4bhp,420lb torque

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    Got kinda the same problem, when it rains or if i give my car a good wash, my driver side light points at the floor, even when i turn ignition off/on it just stays down. WHY???
    gonna take it to stealers nxt week to see wot they say
    must be water getting onto light motor somewhere, but cant find any seals missing or damaged did yours go nuts in wet weather to, coz thats how mine started?