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    Little word of warning with regards to having your tyres done by vauxhall.

    Just had 4 new tyres all round and my local dealer was as cheap as anywhere else close to me so thought least job should be done right (how wrong I was).

    Picked it up and all seemed good so got home and made a start on my yearly wax oil underneath. Came to taking the wheels off and then noticed that not only had they marked one of my alloys but they'd tighten them up so much that I ended up rounding off the locking nut adapter.

    To say the least I wasn't impressed and after a slightly heated telephone conversation with the garage I proceed to take it back so they could see.

    What makes me laugh is they had the cheek to ask if I was sure it wasn't like that when I brought it in, to which I replied %[email protected])%£"%(.

    Eventually after speaking to the manager who gave the lad (who had supposedly done the work) a stern talking to, agreed to replace the alloy.

    OK rant over but why do people sometimes seem to be so slap dash with other peoples pride and joys?