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Worlds First VXR Guitar

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  • Worlds First VXR Guitar

    Just finished building what I believe is the worlds one and only VXR guitar.


    Solid alder 1986 Fender Strat body
    Arden blue paintwork
    VXR logo on the custom headstock
    Westfield "turbo" neck with rosewood fingerbord
    Glow in the dark marker dots
    Half leather Guitar strap
    Stage 3 tuning pegs
    Adaptive LED lights in the scratchplate
    Uprated Seymore Duncan pickups.

    As you have probably gathered by now building guitars is my (very expensive) hobby using late seventies and early eighties Fender, Gibson, Ibanez parts whever possible, and marrying them up to give a unique instrument with a bitchin' tone.
    This one has taken me almost 8 months to complete and if I say so myself is one of the best I have done. This is not surprising as the parts alone cost a fortune.
    Inspired by my obsession with my Vectra VXR, no expense has been spared on this beauty. I fired it up for the first time last night through my Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier Head and 4 x 10 cabinet and the tone is awsome.
    The pictures don't do it justice but give an idea of the fruits of my labours
    Appreciate this has got sod all to do with cars. Just proud of my work.
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    Stunning mate, i play guitar, (poorly) is it for sale?


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      Not for sale just yet. I'm going to gig it a few times first. The wife may disagree as my collection of guitars is now up to 9 and as always she thinks I have toooooo many toys.
      Glad you like it and thanks for your comments.


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        Looks good quality but a word of warning, you look like you may be heading towards the realms of VXR geek!