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NGK R7438-8 Racing plugs fitted

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  • NGK R7438-8 Racing plugs fitted

    Short Back-story.......

    Most of you guys know about the problems I had a while back when th car was mis-firing.

    Well the problem was initially cured when a very helpfull Alex Fi came down to my neck of the woods and fitted my car with NGK BKR7EIX Iridiums but a few months later it was discovered by Sparky and Alex that these plugs may not last long in a tuned Vec and they are also not long reach plugs.

    It turns out they were right as I found that a couple of months after fitting them that I could still manage to get the car to mis-fire under heavy load i.e putting the foot down to the floor in 4th, 5th or 6th from low revs would cause a slight mis-fire then it would pick itself up and go(It was nowhere near as bad as when I had the standard plugs in though) and there was also times I found that if I changed gears quickly under hard acceleration say from 2nd to 3rd the turbo felt as if it hadn't spooled up the car just felt flat, but if I let my foot off the accelerator a bit or changed gear it would come straight back in, I also found that it would run perfect when the car was cold and it was only when the car had been running for about an hour and had warmed up thouroughly that the issues appeared. So at this point I was at a cross-roads and thought about selling her.......................for about 2 seconds then I thought stuff it and went and got her painted and ordered new Spark plugs from

    I fitted the plugs today and wooooooooooooow what a difference guys, before the power felt as if the turbo would either come in full whack or not come in at all, now it is very smooth and progressive and picks up so bloody quick I've got my cheshire grin back.

    The plugs even look the £25 a piece they cost me, well worth it guys for anyone who has mis-firing issues with there tuned Vec, although I wouldn't advise splashing out over £160 for your vec if it doesn't have plugs issues in the first place and please don't put them in if your car is standard as I personally can't see a standard car running ok on a .7 gap.

    But if you do have issues and have some spare cash kicking about then these are a must.
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    good stuff neil glad it back to good health


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      Yeah Glad she's making you smile again Neil!!