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Looking for Vectra VXR

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  • Looking for Vectra VXR

    Hi guys I am new to the VXR forum, I am looking for a blue Vectra VXR. And I need some info about the cars, any problems with them what to look for, what reg did the 280 hp ones start from, and what mods can I do to it. Mapping, filter, exhaust, and what power will those mods make?

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    Hi buddy, hmm this list will be added too im sure,
    280 was late 56 iirc

    Remap stage 1
    Milltek resonated or non resonated exhaust system
    Panel filters are best, K&N, ITG etc, (everyone has there favourite) personally ITG
    Brake upgrades
    Suspension upgrades, KW coilovers, eibach lowering, etc
    Quaillfe LSD
    Large bore intake

    This is what is available right now,
    As for future stuff its all looking rosey for us vec guys, my car is TMS development car at this moment, new enhanced eibach springs, induction system, LSD, stage 3, front mounted intercooler, full 3" milltek system,
    The list of mods is getting larger all the time, i know that the other tuners are developing stuff too