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Vectra VXR Spark Plug Change

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  • Vectra VXR Spark Plug Change

    Evening Everyone,

    I am new to the forum and have dropped a quick hello in the newbie section just to introduce myself.

    I have recently bought a Star Silver Vectra VXR as my new toy, it has the full service history etc but I want to change the spark plugs on it next week. It may be a long shot, but does anyone have a how to guide for changing the spark plugs on this engine (or even finding them for that matter)?

    Never had a problem on previous cars but on this one,

    Any advice / guidance that can be given would be greatly appreciated.


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    iirc its quite a tricky procedure buddy and plugs are pretty pricey aswell


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      you need to remove the intake manifold to remove the coils and plugs


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        Actually , sorry to say , you don't need to remove the inlet manifold (Although VXL say to do this.)

        You can do this by removing the ECU and the pipe work around the back.

        This can be done within 45 mins.

        To do a how too, I would need to take photo's and its too late. Where are you based?


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          Based in west yorkshire,

          I am sure I will be able to manage it (given a full weekend to allow for my slowness)

          If you have any pics that could circle the parts that need removing, I will be able to figure it out. Just need a starting point. Also an arrow showing where the plugs are generally located.

          I know it makes me sound like a spanner asking where bits are but once I have a starting point I can get cracking...

          Just out of interest, what are the best plugs to go for? My vxr is not remapped, should I just go for the ones from VX or are there better alternatives?



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            IIRC the standard VXR plugs from Vauxhall are now Iridium anyway... Fill yer boots


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              Will get some ordered.

              Is anyone able to provide any simple under bonnett pictures roughly circling the bits that need removing and the location?

              I dont mind having a good go at it as long as I know which bits I need to whip off to be able to get to the plugs.



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                This is in Russian language, but there are some photos.

                This is process without removing the intake manifold

                This is process with removing the intake manifold
                (but maybe you need registration)

                As far as I know existing two ways of changing spark plugs
                With removing the intake manifold and without it