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Oil Change and now strange noise

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  • Oil Change and now strange noise

    Evening everyone,

    Just a quicky, not sure if I should be concerned or not....

    I had the oil changed last weekend at a garage, I supplied the filter and oil to the garage (GM 5-30 fully synthetic). I had intended to do it myself but got food poisoning so decided to take it down and pay for it doing.

    Since I got it back, I have checked everything etc and all seems fine.

    When I start it up first thing on a morning and it is holds the higher revs for about 30 seconds, there is a metallic kind of rattle sound coming from under the bonnet, I have had a listen and it "appears" to be coming from somewhere near the front of the turbo. I don't THINK it is the actual unit but something very close

    After a short period of time the noise stops after a quick sucking sort of noise (almost as if some kind of valve has just closed).

    Does anyone have any experience of this, and is it normal? Just seems odd how it has started since the oil change. It could also be that the weather is turning damp and cold now...

    Any ideas anyone? any advice / something to put my mind at rest would be great. Do VX recommend a different oil for the engine or is it stil 5-30?


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    could it be the exhaust blowing?
    we had a few probs with the police cars cracking manifolds


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      I'll have another listen this morning, just seems odd that it does it for a short period, then you hear the short sucking sound and it just stops as if something has either closed, or has changed what it was doing. I was worried in case it was oil trying to find its way somewhere