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VXR Rear Bumper Skirt Removal

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  • VXR Rear Bumper Skirt Removal

    I will soon be replacing my exhuast insert with a 888 Racing Rear Difuser and will need to remove the rear skirt from the bumper.
    Difuser is away being painted Satin Black.
    I would appreciate any advice on this before tackling the job.

    My first impression on looking down under the skirt is clips/screws etc...

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    It has 6 push clips underneath and 4 screws that are the same that hold the bumper on,its also stuck on around the edge so a knife would help to remove it, but if i were you it would be a bodyshop job.hope that helps.


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      I've done mine & it was a pita, the correct way it to split the lower skirt from the bumper but you risk damaging the paint, remove the complete bumper.
      As I remember there are some screws in the wheel arch & also some along the lower edge, once you have the bumper on the bench you can then remove the VXR diffuser just take your time.


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        Thanks for the advice, i will tread carefully.