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Knocking Sound

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  • Knocking Sound

    Evening all,

    I have developed a knocking sound from the front passenger side wheel area, it is most heard when driving over an uneven road surface and is quite a distinct clunky knocking sound, almost as if something is loose.

    Does anyone have any experience of this / a starting point to start resolving it?

    I thought it could be one of the bushes / ball joint on the lower suspension arm. Anyone have any ideas?


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    anti roll bar link a likely candidate


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      Thanks I'll check it out if it doesn't pee it down all weekend


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        Mine has started doing the same clunky noise from the OSF. Would this be considered a warranty claim item...?


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          from past experiance with dealers they will probably say its wear and tear. But you can always try and argue.


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            How many miles have you both done?


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              31k on mine 57 plate


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                I have had a similar noise on my nearside front for over a year and recall a previous thread where it was suggested that it might be something to do with the active suspension. Mine is much noisier when the car is cold.


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                  It is not unusual to hear aslight knocking frm the suspensions on very small undulations, or bumps. As the suspension moves over these imperfections and as the damper is at fully entension, the slight play at the top creates a quiet muffled knocking noise.

                  This is normal and some of this can be remvoed by lowering the suspension.

                  Also, it is not uncommon for the spring to wind up and clonk as the car is put on lock. However, is is allot louder than the damper knocking and is quiet distinct.

                  I replace my tie rods, but noise wise made little or no difference.



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                    i have the same problem,so took the car to my local non vx garage for them to identify what's wrong and they say the anti roll bar links are worn and the spring cups are broken..


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                      Mines got 73k miles on it, 06 plate. Its still as good as new. Very very smooth, apart from this clunking from the passenger side.

                      I have ordered the drop links and ARB bushes to replace anyway due to its mileage. I should be getting them tomorrow, ill let you know if it makes a difference. It sometimes feels like there is a bit of play when it does the knocking.

                      Could just be in my head though given its quite distinct when you hit a bump. Again, it could just be the cold weather making things behave differently.

                      Time will tell. Will post back once the parts are changed.


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                        just check your coil spring hasnt snapped too


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                          Coil spring looks fine, its all had a good clean up today. I have replaced the drop bar but need to get the right socket piece for the anti roll bar bush clamp. The back nut on these looks like a real pig to get to.

                          Can you get to the back nut ok using a socket piece? I don't feel like dismantling the whole car just to get to the nut. The rubber does look slightly out of shape though.


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                            i use a 10mm ratchet spanner with a flexible head, works a treat


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                              dont take out both bolts though when replacing the bushes, leave the hardest bolt to get to in a couple of threads and hook the bush holder under it and push down to get the front one in