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ECU reset

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  • ECU reset

    This is almost becoming a habbit ..
    Does anybody know hoe to reset the ECU so It can work out that it is running Optimax immediately rather than the ordinary unleaded it had before I bought it ?
    2007 Audi RS4 - sold 2008

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    You do not need to reset it, it will work it out for itself. However, considering its the timing which is the real issue here (and it may pull it back on normal unleaded), I would suggest to get the ECU to learn it has a higher octain, run the car on some hard acceleration runs a few times, it should do the rest itself. This is what I have found the best way in the past on previous VXL's


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      I imagine it will take two or three tankfulls to adjust fully. They have very aggressive knock retard and will kill LTFT's in a mile. Takes the ECU alot longer to relearn.
      Sorry, dont know the procedure for reseting LTFT's.
      Insignia VXR, quite nippy!


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        As far a I know you can reset Fuel Trim with Tech 2
        But as Caspy says it resets itself after a couple of tanks of Super
        On That Note does everyone use Super unleaded???????
        If you dont you dont know what your missing
        Being Scottish I would even say " PAYING THE EXTRA IS CERTAINLY WORTH IT "


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          So this might be an interesting one for another debate just like the performance upgrade one.
          Here is my technical understanding and I am very happy to be corrected and not offended as it helps us all.
          - As the ECU is constantly looking at knock control, I understood that it attempts to advance the timing at all times and once the system goes into active knock control it will pull the timing back having seen or be on the verge of detonation.
          So, as soon as better fuel is added to the system the point of knock control going active moves up the scale and therefore less or no retard is introduced.
          The need to run through tanks of fuel I thought was just to clear the system out. From past experience by adding an octaine booster and running for 20 minutes or so the difference is noticable, therefore showing how quickly the system did learn.
          Anyway I am happy for someone to explain it probably in a clear er way, help to educate us all.