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HOW TO change the oil

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  • HOW TO change the oil

    Well this is a how not too, that is how not to get the oil all over the place.

    In theory this change is very simple. The filter sits inside a alloy casting which is at the front of the engine, pointing down to the ground. Very simple idea

    There is a flaw though so read this before performing the filter removal.

    Do the usual drain the oil etc and release the end gap but do not completely unscrew.Before pulling the filter down beware that the oil from the assembly will spill out. Now in normal situations this would not be such a problem but right next too the oil filter casting is a heat exchanger sitting behind and protected by a black metal guard plate.

    As the oil spills out it is very easy for the oil to enter between the black plate and the exchange making it a very messy change and trapping oil which is spread over the sump as the car goes along and probably get onto the exhaust in doing so.

    So the simple answer is to get a plastic coke bottle(recommend 2 litre) cut then ends off and then slip this over the alloy casting. Then remove the end cap and filter. This will shopefully stop the oil getting everywhere, well apart from your hand or arms !!!!

    Its the usual for replacing the filter and end cap.

    The purpose of this thread is to aid those doing the oil change themselves and hopefully preventing them from getting the oil into the gap between the plate and heat exchanger. If you do get oil into the gap the best way to remove it is to blow the oil out. It is very difficult to get the plate off. DO NOT stick screw drivers between the gap etc.

    Good luck and HTH.

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    Cheers for the tips =D>=D>
    The bottle trick worked a treat