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my Vectra

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  • my Vectra

    not a vxr but it is a vectra

    Its a while since I posted on here so thought I'd throw a few vectra pics on,comments always welcome

    2005 prefacelift sxi 1.9 cdti 150

    as I bought it,gave it a wash and a new set of bosch flat blades and number plates

    Fancied some bigger wheels so bought a set of 17" pre facelift sri wheels

    Didnt like them silver,so a splash of anthracite later

    still wasnt 100% happy with them so sold them on and rolled and steelies for abit also fitted a badgeless grill and a dpt tuning box claiming 150 -181bhp and torque increase 320-367 which I'm very happy with

    Decided it was about time I bought some wheels, so got a set of 18" bk's and lowered it 45mm all round

    Also now debadged and dewipered the rear,no current pics but more will follow soon

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    Very nice mate
    Arden Blue Vauxhall Vectra VXR 666 Gone But Not Forgotton


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      Looking good mate


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        Very nice. I prefer the prefacelift personally.

        Good choice of colour too, my 118d is very similar to that shade.


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          Cheers for the comments everyone,I also prefer the pre facelift John