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  • My VXR

    This is my VXR number 5. Ive had her since aug 2004, and nothing comes close. I have had no modifications done as yet but am considering now shes gettine close to 10,000 miles, changing the Exhaust to a 200 cell racing, and having Thorney do a ecu reprogram, other than fitting a racing harness, and maybe the full grapics I cant see no reason to do anything else. I played with the thought of having her in yellow and black, as the lighting yellow cars but theres a 100 of them so decided against it, and anyway my VXT was yellow, and the thought of any other colour is a big no no , sports cars should be ether RED (is the colour) or yellow, nothing else! Anyway eres a pic I should imagine a few of you have seen her. VXR 5, private plate 5 VXR, hard top with VX grapics on roof and VXR on mirrors, centre brace, carbon fibre kick plate (with VX220 in RED inserted) dash and door inserts, metal VXR caps on engine, multi media music system with up rated speakers (4), steel floor instead of mats, tracker and armour fended

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