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Barneys vx220 turbo - VXR Replica

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  • Barneys vx220 turbo - VXR Replica

    Now sold

    Thought I would get some photo's up in this section to encourage others!! Sure there must be some VXR220 owners on here??

    Anyway, she was a CAT D, and the guy who repaired it didnt do a good job. Originally she was sapphire black, but I soon got bored of that! VW Magic Black with red flake, and tears painted white and blown out to rear. VXR liveries then applied over the top.

    Nice fast car, had her remapped and uprated (high flowed) exhaust system fitted (orginal one was bent from damage), bailey DV and a couple of other bits. 230bhp with lots of torque (cant remember the exact figure now).

    Anyway, here she is in all her glory......

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    nice one mate

    all the VX owners are over on and wont budge,
    except for the brake away whinging site


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      Thas stunning. What you thinking of getting now?


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        now have a meriva vxr mate...... family thing. Would of liked an astra vxr, but due to car seats and need for 5 doors it had to be zaffy or meriva.

        Yeah, most will be hanging out with Thorney on used to be on there every day myself

        Miss it, but not as much as I love my new daughter :wink: :wink: Onwards and upwards....... monaro next me thinks.


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          hi All

          looking for a vxr 220 with blow motor

          mail me [email protected]


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            Try as there is one on there.

            for all your tuning needs.....
            01692 404313.