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Switching off Cruise

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  • Switching off Cruise

    Hi all,

    on our hols at the moment in the bus. So far travelled over 2000 miles, got about 900 to go on the trip home!

    One thing is puzzling me though, how do you turn off cruise control other than touching the brake, clutch etc?

    With all other cars I've driven with cruise you can switch it off on the stalk or wheel control but you can't seem to do this on the bus.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    The far button on LH stalk cancels it.

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      As said, there are three buttons on the stalk, two at the "top" to activate cruise and to increase and decrease the speed by 1 km, the third button, of which I would refer the "bottom" button, press that to de-activate cruise, .
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        Found it! Cheers for your help.


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          North East England - Tech 2 diagnostics/ code clearing available, Cruise control switches supplied fitted and activated . PM me for details