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Top Gear 23rd July 2006

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  • Top Gear 23rd July 2006

    Tin hats required ?
    2007 Audi RS4 - sold 2008

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    I will predict the Ford S Max as the winner.


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      Naaaa....The Zaffy will win. A fair and unbaised review surely..... :wink:


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        Yup, ford's the winner. Not a surprise really. Anyway I think the S-max didn't look sporty at all when driven fast - in fact very clumsy looking at the bends.. the zafira looked the most planted round the track, dunno why it was slower than the mercedes, ah well guess the weight has something to do with that..

        The rear seats, are they really that bad? Then again they couldn't even get them up, seemed like that they had practiced it with ford but not with vauxhall


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          Again, no surprises from Top Gear on this!

          The lack of prep didn't come across well for either Top Gear or the Zafira IMO and the on-road drive all seemed a bit short but hey it's an entertainment show!

          No doubt the S-Max is a bit bigger, a bit smoother and a bit less expensive but I chose a Zafira VXR because its size fitted my work and family requirements, my previous GSi never went wrong, I wanted the performance and seat of your pants handling at a price I could afford - i'm also a big fan of the styling - just call me Peter!

          Agreed, if I wanted something bigger, more of a sedate ride and less of a performance edge I may have picked something else - so happnes I didn't! Not sure if I'd have gone for the S-Max even if it were available - just wouldn't of ticked all my selection criteria.

          I'm very pleased with my Zafira VXR and it gets me to work in comfort at a good pace, accomodates my family and their friends to a tee.

          I'm also sure that many who have or soon will have chosen an S-Max could / will equally say the same!

          I'll get off my soap box now having got that off my chest!